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Scientific Notation Prezi

No description

Kylee Ramos

on 8 March 2011

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Transcript of Scientific Notation Prezi

Scientific Notation Kylee and alexa in Mrs. BRight's period 6 want to know how many germs there are around the classroom. They decide to go to Alexa's uncle who is a scientist. HE tells us that there are 4,560,000,000,000 germs on a desk. We wanted to know how many there were in scientific notation to make it easier. Kylee and Alexa in Mrs. Brights period 6 wanted to know how many germs were around the classroom. Step 1: First write out the number. Which in this case would be: 4,560,000,000,000 Step 2: move the decimal to the left until you get a number inbetween 1 and 10. Step 3: Once you count how many times you moved the decimal, you put the number of times as an exponent of 10 In this case it would be 10^11. Step 4: write out the equation our equation
4.56 x 10^11 :) Alexa's uncle told us that there are 986,000,000 germs on a pencil, 2,580,000,000 on a book, 67,580,000 germs on a notebook, 97,863,000,000,000 germs on a chair and 3240000 on a piece of paper. He gave us these numbers in scientific notation. But we wanted to know what they were in standard form. Alexa and Kylee also wanted to find out how many germa were on a pencil, eraser, and stapler. he told us that there were 1.2 x 10^7 on a pencil 2.36 x 10^5 on an eraser, and 5.67 x 10^ 7 on a stapler. We wanted to know what those niumbersw were in standard form. Alexa's uncle said
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