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Pain indians

No description

chelsy cervantes

on 21 October 2014

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Transcript of Pain indians

To become a leader in the plain indians tribe you be trusted and know how to hunt. The Plains did trade with some other Plain indians tribes. They traded goods. They were a friendly tribe but if the plains indians needed to fight then they would.
Before the spanish came
The Plains Indians most important resource is buffalo.With the buffalo they made spoons , cups ,drums ,shields ,clothing ,shelter ,tools ,arrowhead and pipes.Buffalo droppings were used as fuel or chips to make fire.Buffalo skins were made into
.Buffalo was so important that men even had two dances for the buffalo one was:The buffalo dance! and the sun dance! The sun dance was not only for the buffalo but when it got to the buffalo part it was to keep buffalo good and strong.The buffalo dance was just to cure illness and to thank the buffalo spirits.The two dances are very alike. Indians believed that buffalo turned into men and children.It was also believed that buffalo were born under water in dark places and at night they came out and stayed on land for ever.When a buffalo was killed the heads were kept for the buffalo dance as masks because the plain indians believed that the buffalo spirit stayed in the buffalo head.The plains indians also thought that the buffalo dust was what made the milky way.
After spanish came
After the spanish came hunting got much more easier since they had guns and horses.The indians didn't like the guns because they took to long to reload.Since the spanish and plains became "friends" they indians had to go to church. If a hunting law was broken then they'd get whipped, their teepee would get ruined ,or their horse would get killed.On the bright side The horse would help carry stuff so then only the horse and dog would carry their stuff.The indians family would go on the horse and one person would control the horse. Then after while the indians were introduce to riffles and that they loved.
The plain indians made tipis. The fabric was made out of buffalo skin and other animal skins,that's away used their skin.They used a rope and tied it on the top of the buffalo skin and pulled it up when it was hot, but they still had a hole on the top to let the smoke come out. They had one sticks out side to hold the door, so they would have to crawl inside the tepee.
The Plain indians didn't only hunt but they also farmed. They planted corn, squash, and sunflowers. After evry corn harvest they'd have a dance.
Great Plain Indians

Sod= the surface of the ground, with the grass growing on it
Aishen (pronounced similar to eh-shun)= thank you
Moccasins= Is a type of shoes
Hope you enjoyed the presentation
Cool fact
The plain indians had sign language
Hunting for buffalo was very hard since they had to chase the buffalo to a place it would be easy to kill them or chase them of a cliffs. Buffalo wasn't the only thing that they hunted. They also hunted elk and antelope. It was also hard for the Plain indians to hunt because it took about three months to make a good weapon and they needed a lot of weapons.
Men had shoes with small flaps. Women had high tops on their shoes which they'd roll up in winter and roll down in the summer.Leaders used war bonnets which were made out of Golden or Bald eagles feathers. The leader also used bear claws as necklaces. They had clothing made out of animal skins. Shields and breastplates were made out of bones. The girls liked to look pretty so they added beads to their dress.
hahou=(pronounced similar to haho)thank you
There are three ways to spell Tipis/ teepees/ tepee!
The plain indians had many dances.They had the sun dance which they believed kept the buffalo good and strong, to show their respect to nature, and to get together. They also had a dance for naming of children, marriage, after moving, and after a successive hunt. They also believed in a spirit called black foot. Black foot decided were the plains would live and he made the animals. Medicine people were very important to black foot they could look in the future, cast spells, and see all animals. To become a medicine person you'd have to be in middle age. They'd draw symbols to show their life.
By: Michelle and Chelsy
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