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mark twain human nature theme

No description

Steven Lew

on 19 May 2015

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Transcript of mark twain human nature theme


In this story ''PRINCE AND THE PAUPER '' it was two boys who wanted to change places Prince Edward of wales was the prince and tom canty was the pauper.Tom canty's father personality was that he was very mean and abusive and he made his son do bad things for him .But on the other the hand the prince had a good life
Lesson Learn

In this story he use a lot of figurative language He is very funny .The stuff he says is true .Like when he said the lie goes around whole world and back the turth is still on its shoes and this is the story is the story he wrote before he died
. Being afraid or nervous speaking .nerous to speak in front of people. be who your are
-Google i got my photos off this
- https://www.marktwainhouse.org
- www.brainyquote.com facts for here

In the beinging of this story mark twain compares sea sick to stage fright He put people in the crowd and he gives them a signal when to laugh He use figurative language when he is scared to go on stage .In this story he has a lot of figurative language .
got the story
Dont jugde people Dont give up Keep using figurative langaue.
According to mark twain & Prince and the pauper
All Three Storys
stage fright
to mark twain
stage fright and according to mark twain is the same cause they are but using figurative language . people would laugh because would think he lying to them bout his age and stuff .and its about what you should do in life and stuff
prince And the pauper
and stage fright
these story or bad because they are he is scared and then its a poor person and they call him pauper
these story are bad because there is a poor person in the story and he died after this story according to mark twain and he used figurative language

in these story he used figurative language
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