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Skills, Techniques and tactics within team sports

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Liam Harrison

on 17 November 2014

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Transcript of Skills, Techniques and tactics within team sports

Skills, Techniques and tactics within team sports
Techniques in football
-short passes, this allows you to keep possession, also allows one touch football which means a high passing speed in your team. Usually use the instep of your foot

-lofted through ball, this allows you to get in behind the defense of the other team to get your striker in on the keeper. usually use instep of your football and lean back.

-through ball, this allows you to play the ball through the gaps of the defense along the floor.
instep- this is a technique where you put the instep of your foot behind the ball or if coming from the air put your instep of your foot underneath the ball then bring your leg back down.
lasses- this is a technique where you place your toes on the ground and pt the ball behind the ball, usually used when you want a heavy first touch to get round a defender.
bottom foot- this technique you let the ball roll underneath your foot and simply put your foot on top of the ball.

Tactics within football
counter attack- counter attacking is where a team socks up the presser from there opponents the as soon as they will the ball back attack with speed.

long ball-this is where a team have a target man upfront and they play a long ball to allow there target man to hold the ball up of flick it on.

parking the bus-this is where a team get all players behind the ball to make banks of defense to make it hard for the other team to break them down
Passing- this skill allows you to efficiently get around the team and keeps the ball within your possession.
Shooting-this skills allows you to finish an opportunity
Dribbling- this skill allows to run at the opposition defense
lasses-this technique allow you to drill the ball, this type of strike is used for power

finesse- this is where you use your instep to generate swerve, this is usually for accuracy

knuckle ball- this is a shot that generates a lot of movement up and down so the keeper cant keep track of the flight of the ball
passing- this allows the team to keep the ball and get the ball out wide.
kicking- this allows for territory or to put the opponents under pressure
tackling- allows you to stop the other team from coming forward
Passing techniques
flat pass- this pass allows you to control the game line as it allows runners to come through the game line and attack.
spin passing- this pass is the most common used pass and has immense accuracy, usually used for a long distance pass
pop pass-this is a pass where you draw a defender in then a opposition defender comes to tackle you and you pop it up to your team mate
punt- this kick is used for getting territory and finding touch
grubber kick- this is used for a short distance kick and to get over the game line and get a winger chasing it.
high kick- this is used to put the opposition under pressure, also to try and retain the ball further up the pitch.
catch and drive- this is a tactic where from a line out you create a morel to drive forwards, usually used in oppositions 22.
long kicks- this is where you punt the ball and keep the opposition in there own half.
hitting rucks-this tactic is used to slow the ball down for the opposition, also to win more turn over ball.
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