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Global winds

No description

Nathan M

on 29 April 2014

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Transcript of Global winds

Global winds
Global winds
Global winds are one of the many type of winds out the three major winds are in this. these winds would be the Trade Winds, Prevailing Westerlies, Polar Westerlies
What are they
Global winds are the circulation of surface winds across earth There are three wind belts dividing the world. Trade Winds, Westerlies and Polar Easterlies
Where they affect
Global winds effect large areas of earth Once a season changes, they tend to move to bring warmer weather north or colder weather south These movements can cause extreme storms that will cause climatic and sudden weather changes to an areas weather pattern, In the United States south Central states can experience tornadoes from these events.
what causes global winds
Wind is caused by air flowing from high pressure to low pressure and due to the Coriolis effect and earth rotation instead of flowing straight the wind curves
why are global winds important?
Wind is important for several reasons We need wind to move air around so that we can have a constant supply of oxygen, and We need wind to move weather to different regions. Without wind everything would be stagnant.
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