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The Speck Vol.2

No description

chris smith

on 24 September 2015

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Transcript of The Speck Vol.2

The Speck Vol.2
The Doubtful Escape
Part I

The Risky Plan
"What shall we do" Ethan Cried out as quite as possible. The small speck just stood their not even paying attention ,but then said some Risky plan of his."If we brake the window then it would brake and make a big noise" He crossed that out in his mind "so the only way that they will not know we are here is that when he comes in we have to sneak around him out the door into the bushes!"He whispered almost about to pass out because of no breath in his lungs were there anymore but he regained his low slow breath.
The Right choice or not???
"I'm not 100% about it but I think it might have at least slight chance of getting out"He continued whispering. "Mumble Mumble"Ethan Mumbled out that no one could understand but him. "Hmmm? What did you say???"He asked "Oh nothing"Ethan said with a feared face looking down at his feet. "We have to do this or we will never be alive"The Small Speck whispered out for the final time "there's a very small chance but still theirs at least a slight chance"
Do it or Else
They opened the door and the door a creak noise. We stopped to think that it was just from the house. Then we went down the stairs. Soon we heard the evil speck talking about getting everyone out or else. Ethan Shivered and tried not to scream. I could see it in his face.
The Plate
As they sneaked to the kitchen we heard the Evil Speck talking. They walked out they hit a plate and it crashed.
The Run
It broke and made a crash!!! They took a run for it and ran to the bushes. To be Continued....
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