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No description

Claire Davidson

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of Fire

the distillery fire This passage is one of the first times the distillery fire is described in detail--before the narrator know's the truth about Eddie

Fire represents the lies he was told about Eddie, and how those lies were a destructive force in the relationship in the narrators family, much like the fire destroyed the distillery "It was their last minute protest at the founding of the new state. Then the explosion came and the whole building shook and went on fire. No one knew when or if the building would be repaired or knocked down and replaced. It was a burnt space in the heart of the neighborhood."

-burnt space in neighborhood---->>>> destroyed part of narrator's family relationship "It was a city of bonfires." "Fire was what I loved to hear of and to see. It transformed the grey air and streets, excited and exciting." Lundy Burns- the secret gets out of hand
Eddie - traitor
Eddie placed on pillar
The climax of the novel Pillar “See that?” she’d say. The pain is terrible. The flame is you and you are the flame. But there’s still a difference. That’s the pain. Burning "My mother grieving was so inconsolable,
I thought it must be for a lost soul,
someone woven into the fires of hell
the way gas was into a flame." Residual Fire:
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