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Gentrification in Prague

No description

Nathaniel Feltham

on 15 December 2013

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Transcript of Gentrification in Prague

Gentrification in Prague
Before Gentrification
Gentrification - What has changed?
Old apartment buildings have beeen regenerated and turned into office spaces and luxury apartments, in the historic core of the city and in the neighbourhoods adjacent to to the city centre.
Gentrifying areas are often densley built up with four to five story high buildings - only a few gaps are left for future constuction.
Lots of comercial projects are being built, such as: offices, retail units and hotels, These will often include the demolition of whole or parts of some of the historic buildings.
Impacts of Gentrification
The polation of Prague has declined by nearly 1/5 between 1991 - 2001; the result of increasing flat sizes.
Some of this decrease - Natural change
However, over half of this was via out migration and residents being displaced as a result of increased housing prices.
The status of Prague in general has increased.
There has been a dramatic increase in the number of graduates within the area, indicating an increase in the class type (white collar).
The majority of the new inhabitants are western foregin workers, who are making investements into the newly emerging market.
I sadly couldn't really obtain any photos of pre/post gentrification, so here's a picture of a cat riding a turtle.
The Czech Rupublic was ran by a commust regieme from 1921-1990.
Toward the end of the regieme much of the innner city suffered from urban decline.
This was mainly caused via the process of suburbanisation.
They see me rollin'...
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