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the title tells it all

random jedi flee

on 16 April 2010

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Transcript of Climate

Climate Atmosphere Exosphere-outside Thermosphere-temprature Mesosphere-middle Stratosphere-layers Trophosphere-mix Ozone layer (O3) 75%: nitrogen(N2) 21%: oxygen(O2) 0.03%: Co2, and other gases The seasons in each place on earth depends on which way the earth is facing the sun. Food for plants For people Greenhouse gases Good if it doesn't change Bad if it changed Co2, and methane Water Cycle Water is a greenhouse gas 1. Evaporation
2. Precipation
3. infiltration, or water goes into ocean Plants need water photosynthesis Animals need fresh water Carbon Cycle People are changing the cycle People are digging out Co2 from the ocean Oceans Accidification dissolve shells-shell fish When planktons die, they fall on coral reefs and makes a gas (Co2) Hot Co2 made from dead planktons Cold 3% is salt 1. Animals breathe out Co2
2. Plants breathes in Co2, and breathes out
3. When plants and animals die, Co2 sinks in the ground
4. Co2 in the ground turns into fossil fuel
5. People get the fossil fuel and burns them
6. People shoots Co2 into the air 1. Ocean sucks in Co2 more than releasing
2. Co2 reaches plankton, and plankton dies
3. Dead plankton reach bottom of ocean and turns into Co2
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