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pw slide 1


yunyi loh

on 24 October 2012

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Transcript of pw slide 1

Waste not want not Introduction Toy Wastage Proposed Project Target Audience Current Situation Impacts inefficient handling of unwanted but still-functioning toys. Toy Library Education Community Involvement Program (CIP) Borrowing of Toys Bartering of Toys Re-functioning of Toys Raising Awareness 2000 2010 2005 Toy Rental Strategies Bing Da Yun Yi Zi Ying Shu Zhen Current Methods SGD145 million in retail sales value in 2007 large amount of toys purchased Growing affluence and consumerism throw-away society Photo Credits bilder, pictures. (n.d.). pictures. Retrieved from http://omurtlak2.bloguez.com/omurtlak2/tags,bilder,p,18.html

Early Childhood Toys | Playing Is Educational. (n.d.). Playing Is Educational. Retrieved from http://www.playingiseducational.info/category/early-childhood-toys/

Only Positive News » Blog Archive » Positive Quote Wednesday - on Toys! (n.d.). Only Positive News. Retrieved from http://www.only-positive-news.com/archives/2370

Plan Toys: A Friendly Green Toy-Maker | Inhabitots. (n.d.). Inhabitots | Your guide to green parenting, eco baby & green kids. Retrieved from http://www.inhabitots.com/plan-toys-a-green-toy-maker/ Extracts from an article from The New Paper, 24/12/2010 Extract from an article from The Straits Times, 20/11/2011 aim: to reduce toy wastage 70% of Singaporean parents feel that they do not spend enough time with their children toys bought to allay guilt + not because children want them (no interest) toy wastage children treasure self-made toys more 1 according to the Singapore Heritage Fest held this year, children’s toys have changed as they are no longer handmade store-bought toys are treasured less as they are seen as easily obtainable. Ease of consumption has thus arguably led to a greater increase of toy wastage. 2 Current Future one two wasting of money on toys (as seen in Figure 1.0 to 1.3) which children quickly lose interest in toy Damage to environment and health. •
wasting of money on toys (as seen in Figure 1.0 to 1.3) which children quickly lose interest in (cc) image by anemoneprojectors on Flickr three Promotion of consumerism in children Singapore’s only available landfill# is expected to fill up by 2040
it costs SGD 610 million to make another landfill.
This is extremely critical in Singapore as there is already limited land space. In 2008, Singapore’s recycling rate of plastic was only 9%
With more toys now being made of plastic#, the inefficient handling of toys would severely damage the environment and health of Singaporeans.
During incineration, non-biodegradable plastic produces new pollutants (mainly dioxins) which can cause negative health impacts.
In 1997, the International Agency for Research on cancer (IARC) classified TCDD, the most toxic dioxin as a human carcinogen. Hence, reducing toy wastage is crucial in protecting the health of Singaporeans. This encourages them to spend excessively and possibly build up debt These impacts are detrimental to most, if not all Singaporeans, especially in terms of health.
Singapore’s future is also being compromised as the future generation becomes increasingly wasteful.
Moreover, this is a critical issue which will not resolve on its own and hence may worsen if neglected. Chief Drivers NEA ZWS Zero Waste Singapore is a non-profit online publication dedicated to help Singapore move towards the goal of zero waste The National Environmental Agency’s mission is to work with the community to safeguard, nurture and cherish the environment with passion and excellence. Zero Waste SG’s online website shows their effort in reaching out to the public
Parents with children up to 12 years of age ZWS’s efforts in waste minimisation and worked directly with companies on waste reduction. Why we choose NEA Government Organisation Aims to create a sustainable environment Provide funds and incentives The ones splurging on toys for their children 1 2 Why we choose ZWS Efforts in reaching out to the public Ddetermination in waste reduction worked directly with companies on waste reduction Current Toy Swaps Current funds and incentives and programmes provided by NEA Current Toy Rental Allow parents to rent toys for prices lower than the retail prices. Examples of existing toy rental shops are: Singapore Toy Rental, Toy Rental World, My Growing Toys etc
Online sites which facilitate swapping of toys. E.G. in parenting forums
Many organisations such as The Salvation Army have donation bins which would then sold in their thrift-stores. Current Donations Lack of collective effort amongst current strategies No concentrated effort specially to reduce toy wastage. Individual firms incur more operating costs;
it is more costly to publicise or purchase separately compared to bulk marketing or purchasing Overview Main Drivers Talks Teaching Alternative Methods Evaluation Educate parents on the impacts of toy wastage, thus urging them to curb toy wastage Held in libraries frequented by many parents and children. This ensures that the talks are well-publicised, Held near special occasions. This reminds them not to splurge even if it is a festive occasion. Bartering Re-functioning Allows parents to exchange unwanted toys. Toys not thrown away, and new toys can be gotten for free Introduced to the centralised website forum where they can discuss and trade toys with other parents. Definition:

Old toys are reassembled or reused into something useful hence can serve practical purposes instead of being thrown away. Figure 14: Old toys are reassembled/ reused into other functioning items E.g. Xylophones can be reconstructed into wind chimes & key chains OR reused to become a magnetic pin board. talks and seminars may be too boring for parents (cc) image by nuonsolarteam on Flickr ZWS and NEA can work with popular parenting websites to create publicity for the talks E.g. KiasuParents.com. To counter that... Limitation ZWS can also work with magazines to further promote our talks. E.g. Young Parents magazine. More hands-on activities to sustain their interests and deepen their understanding. Additionally, not all toys can be re-functioned.
To counter this, toys will be categorised into 2 sections: 1) re-functionable 2) non-refunctionable but recyclable. Limitations (cc) photo by medhead on Flickr Children above 12 years old tend to use electronic devices
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