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Desiree Barnes

on 2 May 2013

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Transcript of holocaust

Who were the other five million forgotten non-Jews? Desiree Barnes You'd be surprised that the Jews were not Hitler's first targets. In fact, he targeted Germany's closest neighbor, Poland. Sources http://www.holocaustforgotten.com/fivmil.htm
http://remember.org/forgotten/ Records kept by the Germans prove they exterminated millions of
Jehovah's Witnesses,
mentally and physically handicapped,
resistance fighters,
Spanish Republicans,
trade unionists,
prisoners of war of many nations,
still others whose identity may never be recognized Ordinary criminals were assigned green
political prisoners wore red
black was worn by asocials (slackers, prostitutes, procurers, etc.)
homosexuals wore pink
conscientious objectors wore purple
Jewish people wore yellow The same respect and remembrance afforded the Jewish victims should be extended to include the non-Jewish victims as well. men were forcibly drafted into the German army.
Use of the Polish language was forbidden. Only the German language allowed.
Libraries and bookshops were burned.
Polish Art and culture were destroyed. Polish churches and religious buildings were burned.
It was Hitler's goal to obliterate all traces of Polish history and culture.
Proportionately, Poland suffered the largest loss of life and property during World War II.
Polish community leaders, mayors, local officials, priests, teachers, lawyers, judges, senators, doctors were executed in public Non-Jews of Polish descent suffered over 100,000 deaths at Auschwitz.
The Germans forcibly deported approximately 2,000,000 Polish gentiles into labor for the Third Reich.
The Russians deported almost 1,700,000 Polish non-Jews to Siberia.
Men, women and children were forced from their homes with no warning. Transferred in cattle cars in freezing weather, many died on the way.
Polish children who possessed Aryan-looking characteristics were wrenched from their mother's arms and placed in German homes to be raised as Germans.
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