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The Devil and Tom Walker


Kelsey Butler

on 12 March 2013

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Transcript of The Devil and Tom Walker

The Devil and Tom Walker Washington Irving The Rising Action Coming to an End Kidd the Pirate Mrs. Walker Tom Walker Background Information He buried his treasure in Boston Scrawny
High tempered Tom took a short cut through the swamp and rested next to an Indian fort.
While resting, he came across a skull which left him frightened. Tom saw a unusual man lurking by the fort
The man introduced himself as Old Scratch
They become well acquainted
Old Scratch offered him a deal about Kidd's treasure, but Walker couldn't decide so he went home Once Walker got home, he told his wife about his encounter
She wanted him to return immediately and take the offer but he disagreed.
His wife stormed off into the swamp to find the devil and strike the deal herself
Walker set out to find the devil but came across his wife's remains: her heart and liver in her apron.
Walker was eternally grateful Once Tom Walker realized his wife was dead, he went to find the devil to accept the offer
Once he sold his soul to the devil, he became a very wealthy usurer
He set out for Boston and opened up a Broker Shop
He came off as a friend to the people of Boston, but little did they know he had an evil scheme to drive them to bankruptcy As Tom Walker became older, he started feeling anxious about his next world
He started praying religiously and attended church every chance he got.
Walker always carried a pocket bible in his coat As he was ruining another family's life one morning, he had realized he couldn't take it anymore and called for the Devil
At the door of his shop, the Devil was waiting on his horse
Walker realized he left his pocket bible in his coat pocket
The Devil took Walker and the last place Walker was seen was headed into the swamps... Every trace of Tom Walker was burned or disappeared and the town of Boston went on like he never had existed.
The legend says, on stormy night you can see a white figure riding through the swamps on a black horse reminding everyone of the Devil's evil schemes. He left his treasure with the Devil Shortly afterward he was hanged in England for piracy He and his wife were stingy. Abused by his wife Greedy
Loud of tongue Gothic Elements Literary Elements imagery-


Theme Don't make choices you know you may regret. Short Story Elements Exposition Rising Action Climax Falling Action Resolution introduces Kidd's Treasure and the troubles with the Walkers Tom takes a rest at the old indian fort and meets the Devil The Devil takes Tom away to the swamp all of Toms possessions are burned and the town forgets about him On stormy nights you can see a white figure riding through the swamps on a big black horse.
The End 1.)The mysterious setting of the swamp, was dark, foggy, creepy, dead, gloomy atmosphere, lonesome, and very few people go into the swamps.
2.) When Tom Walker was taken away, on the dark, large, and mysterious horse on a stormy, dark night, he was never seen again.
3.) After Tom Walkers departure,all his bonds and mortgages were returned to cinder. All of his gold and silver turned into chips and shavings. His horses were turned to skeletons, and his house was burned to the ground. No one questioned anything. On one side of this inlet is a beautiful dark grove; on the opposite side the land rises abruptly from the water's edge, into a high ridge on which grow a few scattered oaks of great age and immense size The one on which he had been seated, and which had evidently just been hewn down, bore the name of Crowninshield the swamp Tom deciding on whether or not he is going to sell his soul
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