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Anthony Richards

on 21 April 2015

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Transcript of Medicine

Health Beliefs of the Ibo People
Medicine of the Ibo Tribe
Patrick, Iroegbu. "Introduction to Igbo Medicine: Igbo Healers and Agwu Deity in a Therapeutic Society." Igbo Medicine. Web. 17 Apr. 2015. <http://www.umunumo.com/igbomedicine.html>.
Mbiere, Chima Fredrick. "Health and Healing in Igbo Worldview: Significance and Missiological Implications." 1 Jan. 2014. Web. 19 Apr. 2015. <http://www.sedosmission.org/sedosarticles/documents/mbiere-healthandhealing.pdf>.
Umeogu, Rev Fr Dr Bonachristus. "IGBO AFRICAN MEDICINE AND PHARMACY." Web. 19 Apr. 2015. <http://essencelibrary.org/journals/papers/64c81f.pdf>.
Introduction to
Ibo Medicine

Ibo Medicine is 100% natural
Ill health is believed to be a result of one's actions
Cures must restore harmony in one's life
There were multiple Dubia for each different mishap that arises.
Knowledgeable in spiritual and physical illness.
Chosen by Agwu, the patron deity of medicine and divination and are connected to him through dreams
Dubia's are considered as both the restorer, transmitter, medicine man/woman and priest.
Healers often consulted
If ineffective, kin consults higher power
Family morally obligated to seek out cause of illness.
Deity of medicine and divination
Has direct effect in human world
Selects Dibia by sending dreams and visions of the secrets of medicine.
Healers that act wrongly in the name of Agwu are punished by the deity
As mentioned before, for the healing of any illness, the Dibia could be needed for a full recovery of an illness.
Herbalists would be fetched to provide medicine.
Sacrifice and prayers would sometimes be needed.
A diviner could also be called up.
Community is always involved in the process.
Some beliefs were based on religion, the supernatural, and mystical powers.
There is no sharp distinctness between life and health in the world.
The average Ibo believes that any disruption of a normal harmony of this cosmic order could boomerang in some sort of illness.
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