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Unit 17- Introduction to Expedition Skills

No description

Jodie Sands

on 11 May 2015

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Transcript of Unit 17- Introduction to Expedition Skills

Unit learning outcomes:
3) Be able to positively participate in a full day group expedition.

From the dictionary-

A journey undertaken by a group of people with a particular purpose, especially that of exploration, research, or war.
What skills are need for a successful expedition?
Planning preparation
navigating physical fitness
communication team work leadership trust
mental toughness confidence
self-awareness decision making
first aid problem solving
time keeping team building
Where do expeditions take place?
In small groups discuss previous expeditions that have taken place.
Think about where it took place and why?
Unit 17- Introduction to Expedition Skills
What is an expedition?
1) Understand the benefits of expedition skills within the public service.
2) Know what needs to be considered when planning a full day group expedition.
4) Be able to review the expedition
An expedition means to carry out a long journey for a specific purpose .
What is the purpose of expeditions?
Medical, educational, scientific, military, geographical, exploratory, photographic
Why are expeditions skills beneficial for public services?
Why do Public services go on expeditions?
In small groups choose a public service area e.g. army, police.
Research a previous expedition that has taken place.
Produce a poster, PowerPoint or leaflet to present your findings to the group.

You have 30 minutes to complete this task
Expedition equipment-
What is needed for a day expedition?
In small groups complete the task & worksheet
Feedback your answers to the group
Assignment 1
Task 1-
In small groups discuss what is meant by the term expedition and the skills required for a day’s expedition.
Task 2-
Individually produce a mind-map identifying the skills required for a day’s expedition
Task 3-
Individually produce a mind-map identifying the benefits of expedition skills within the public services
Task 4-
Explain the benefits of expedition skills and give examples of the benefits linked to public services.
Map Reading-
Grid Reference
Along the corridor & up the stairs
Four figure or six figure
Individually complete the worksheet
We have the LRC quiet room booked for research
Once complete- feedback to the group
Today's lesson
9-9:30- classroom (E104) tasks
9:30- 10:15- LRC complete worksheet & research for expedition
10:15- 10:40- BREAK
10:45-12- PT session
everyone in kit & ready to start at 10:45. If NOT you won't be allowed in the lesson!
Lesson objectives-
ALL- will be able to name 3 symbols used on a OS Map
MOST- will be able to complete a four figure grid reference
SOME- will be able to complete a six figure grid reference
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