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Templeton in charlotte's web

No description

haley xu

on 7 December 2014

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Transcript of Templeton in charlotte's web

Tells a significant personality as a role Templeton playing in charlotte's web which always exists in real life
playing an essential role in Charlotte's web
although he is mean and evil,

he is the one who finds the words and saves Wilbur's life

he is the one who saves Charlotte's egg sac
Templeton is the big barn rat. He's rude and mean and selfish. In fact, he's so selfish that he doesn't want to help save Wilbur's life. And then it takes a lot of coaxing and bribery for him to help save Charlotte's egg sac. Templeton needs to mind his manners and think of others for a change.
Templeton in charlotte's web
those kinds of people ask return to do something or help for others
From the sound of it, Templeton is pure evil. Did you notice how the narrator keeps repeating the word "no." That's also a word we hear Templeton say over and over again.
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