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Study Extra

No description

Liz Goddard

on 13 September 2012

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Transcript of Study Extra

ICT Study Extra It's Your Choice! The impact of digital technology on
you, your home life, your school life,
your family,
your future or the planet! Smart cities Mobile phones Games consoles 3D technogoly The future of digtial devices The history of computers The Raspberry Pi Magnetic tattoos Computer security Social networking Shopping/banking online Online gaming Jobs in IT Pros & Cons Choose your topic Describe it, explain it, compare it,
discuss it, relate
it to school, home, life!! Choose how you will
present your work Powerpoint, Word,
Prezi, Magazine???? Level 5 Watch for yourself! At level 6 the video has been discussed and not just added. What the video says An Example ICT Study Extra Project Google glasses Software has been used very well, and the work shows an excellent understanding and knowledge of the technology being described. Additional software features have been used. Eg. Timed animations within the slide
The work considers the use of technology at home and at school and also considers the advantages and disadvantages. It considers the wider implications of the technology Level 6 Google glasses will have wi-fi, gps and motion sensors. In theory they will be able to do everything that a smartphone can do. They might be really useful for communicating in real-time in hands-free situations such as life-saving operations or complicated engineering projects in remote places.
On the other hand, if we already have problems with people walking, cycling or driving while using their phone, it could be even more dangerous if they are wearing these glasses and being distracted by stuff.
Google glasses are scheduled for general sale in 2014 so we will have to wait and see! Additional information Software has been used well, and the work shows a good understanding and knowledge of the technology being described. Slide transitions have been used. Animated gifs & video have been used to take advantage of presenting the work on screen.
The work considers the use of technology at home and at school and also considers the advantages and disadvantages. Level 5 It would be great to have these at school as well. As long as there was a wi-fi network we could connect to, everyone could have them and will always be able to go on to websites teachers want us to use. We could also instantly message or email the teacher. If the teacher didn’t want us to use them all we would have to do is take them off.
They would be really useful for trips and talks because we could video stuff and watch it later.
They’d be good in subjects like drama as well. Benefits Software has been used reasonably well, and
the work shows a reasonable understanding and
basic knowledge of the technology being
The work considers the use of technology at home. Level 4 Google glasses are amazing! They can record audio and video. They can stream audio and video from the Internet. You can search the internet on them. Information and videos are displayed on a small transparent screen just below the wearer’s right eye.
You can send email and view photos.
All this is done by a voice-activated controller or there is a small touch pad on one of the arms What are google glasses? Video exciting stuff I think it would be really cool to be able to lie on my bed and watch YouTube videos or films just wearing a pair of glasses. If I got an email or text message I could see it immediately.
It would also be really cool to be able to take photos or video hands-free just by using the glasses. You would be able to take some amazing videos! Why I want them! They are not cheap. At the moment they are £965 which means that schools won’t be able to provide them and lots of people wont be able to afford them.
If you already wear glasses then you might not be able to use them or you won’t be able to see properly.
Wearing them a lot might cause eye strain and headaches – just like staring at a traditional computer screen all day long. Disadvantages A Word-based example SOME IDEAS Making your own games See BBC Click for ideas! Facebook Twitter YouTube Skype IT in crime IT in different industries Video, Audio, Interviews, Photo essay......? Choose a topic, do some research, present your
work well - include a start, a middle and an

Work will be assessed for communication
as well. In conclusion...... Ask your teacher! Any questions? What do we expect? Skilled
Professional Basic Presentation Thorough
Detailed Limited Content Good use of language, varying sentence structure; paragraphs. Use of language is limited. Poor punctuation. Subject- specific language is missing. Poor sentence structure. Extensive Limited Communication
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