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IWBAT Outline Main Idea and Supporting Details from an Informational Text

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Nichole Behling

on 6 September 2012

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Transcript of IWBAT Outline Main Idea and Supporting Details from an Informational Text

What the MAIN IDEA? Prove It! I will be able to
the main idea and supporting details
from an informational text. Lesson Objective Topic:
Main Idea

S.D. 1

S.D. 2

S.D. 3
The Outline Topic: Life

Main Idea: Getting the most out of life

*S.D. 1* -

*S.D. 2*

*S.D. 3* Wake Up:

Most of the things you will have
to read and understand in life will
have MORE than three supporting details. Topic
Life In groups of TWO - "To Some Runners,
Zombies Are a Killer
Motivator" Pencils In Describe in your own words
what Nicki meant when she said,
"to live doesn't mean you're alive." D.O.L. Create an outline of
the main idea and the supporting details. Thirty Seconds Think Time Thirty Seconds Write Time The number of S.D.'s and
specifics/examples are infinite. Remember What topic could you write infinite details about? "I could write infinite details about nature." White Boards pass out papers Be thankful for what you have.
Let them know with appreciation. Rise above negativity.
Have pride and strength in everything you do, despite what others may say. Forgive those that have caused you pain.
It is far worse to hold onto the tension. Three With Me One For Fun SPREAD OUT!!! Directions:
Read and outline (M.I. and S.D.'s),
"To Some Runners, Zombies Are a Killer Motivator". Find all FIVE
supporting details
before guessing
the Main Idea! Three With a Buddy Survey Check Ten Minutes Complete the outline individually. Bell Work: Level 15 !! Rewind !! Summarize three things that you can do to "live, rather than merely exist". Drop the need to always be right. – Someone else doesn’t have to be wrong for you to be right. There are many roads to what’s right. You cannot judge others by your own past. For example, if you love talking in front of people but notice the person next to you doesn't, don't just automatically assume things about them. Maybe they are having a bad day, have a speech impediment, or are just not comfortable with the people in the room. They are living a different life than you. Express your opinions freely and politely, remembering that if your purpose is to ridicule or prove others are wrong, it will only bring bitterness into the world. Respecting the opinion of others, without judging, always carries more weight than simply being right. Three things that you can do to get the most out of life are ______________________,
___________________, and _______________. Get your outlines from yesterday!
How is creating an outline going to help you in this class, in other classes, in high school, in college, in life? Reality Check: Main Idea
Living life to
the fullest Title
15 Ways To Live,
and Not Merely Exist Any Concerns? Question Check 10 14 7 What is the main idea?
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