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Mini SMART goals presentation for Sigma Kappa consultants

Brooke James Massey

on 9 July 2015

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Transcript of SMART Goals

S.M.A.R.T. Goals
MART Goals
S = Specific
• Make your goal focused and well-defined
• Make sure to answer the ‘W’ questions:
do I want to accomplish?
will this happen? Identify a location.
will this happen? Establish a time frame.
am I setting this goal? Jot down the specific reasons and benefits of accomplishing this goal.

M = Measurable

Know that a goal without a measurable outcome is like a sports competition without a scoreboard.
• Ask questions like:
How much?
How many?
How will I know when this is accomplished?
What is at the finish line?
Set daily/weekly reminders to track and measure the progress of the goals

ART Goals

R = Relevant
• Make the goal relevant to your life’s reality
• Set goals that are realistic

T Goals

There are two main kinds of irrelevant goals:

First, a goal can be irrelevant if it’s actually someone else’s goal, and does not tap into your own desires.

Second, a goal can also be irrelevant if it conflicts with another, higher-value goal.

Are You Sabotaging Yourself
T = Timely

Goals should have a deadline
This reinforces the seriousness of the goal.
It motivates to take action.
When there is no timeline, there is no internal pressure to accomplish the goal so it gets put on the back burner
Ask these questions:
What can I do TODAY to reach my goal?
What can I do three weeks from now to reach my goal?
What I can do three months from now to reach my goal?

A = Attainable
Draft realistic goals – based on what is going on in your life/the chapters schedule, do you believe the goals can be attained? If not, set a different goal.
Ask these questions:
Are you prepared to make the commitment to reach your target?
Are you willing to dramatically alter or at least tweak aspects of your life?
Is there a more achievable target you are willing to work for?

RT Goals
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