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Ecoregions of Texas:Pineywoods

Biology project about the Texas ecoregion Pineywoods.

Anthony Berry

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Ecoregions of Texas:Pineywoods

Plants-Wateroak trees grow and reproduce quickly
Red maple trees have funny-looking seed which allows them to spread quickly.
White ash trees can grow to be 70-80 ft in height which gives them easier access to sunlight Ecoregion of Texas:Pineywoods Animal Adaptations-Cottonmouths are venomous which can kill off predators. Cottontail rabbits have a keen sense of smell and hearing which can detect predators and surroundings. Squirrels has chiseled teeth to break through shells and nuts. Biotic factors: Plants,Seminole bat,woodpeckers,cottontail rabbits,and squirrels.
Abiotic factors: soil,water,black clay,sandy spits,and rocks. Consumers:Seminole bat,Bobcat,Common gray fox,Virginia opossum,white tailed deer. Producers:White Ash tree,Sweetgum tree,Loblolly pine tree,Buttonbush,and the Red Mulberry tree. Interelationships:
Predation-The cottontail rabbit gets mauled by the Bobcat
Parasitism-Tick gets blood from the fox
Commensalism-Woodpeckers make nests in the trees.
Mutualism-Bees gives pollen to plants. Drought Effects-If a drought occurs,trees will gradually die which will limit the herbivores food and kill off the trophic pyramid. Impact of the Humans:Humans plant trees and fertilize the soil to build Pineywoods into its well known trees.
Humans chop down trees for their own greedy needs such as houses and Humans hunt the poor animals to eat or make clothes References:Houstonwilderness.org
kisdwebs.katyisd.org Limiting factors of Pineywoods:
The amount of birds in the area due to so many predators.
The growth of trees and food if drought occurs.
The amount of competition if a species were to become extinct References:Houstonwilderness.org
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