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Come Fly With Me.

No description

jaclyn nichols

on 10 May 2010

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Transcript of Come Fly With Me.

Third world countries are economically under developed. Burma, Cuba, Libya, North Korea, Somilia, Sudan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. Sudan faces many environmental issues such as severe land degradation, deforestation, and desertification. Lack of clean water .the highest numbers of mothers dying while in child birth. The people in Sudan are not immunised and can have all sorts of diseases. Malnutrition is largely spread out through Sudan. Medical standards are well below the western standards. Flooding occurs in Sudan, particularly during the rainy season (July to November). During the rainy season fresh drinking water and food can be short supply and transport, communication and infrastructure may also be affected. The risk of contracting a water-borne disease (particularly cholera and other water-borne diseases) could persist after the water recedes. \ Low level of security, very violent and high treats of terrorist attacks. Kidnapping is very common and land minds in the rural parts of Sudan. Pandemic (H1N1) (swine flu and HIV) and many viruses and diseases are highly infective and contagious.
The main food concerns when travelling to Sudan are water based foods such as salads, these water based foods may not have been cleaned in clean water because the 40% of the water there is not clean.`
The water issues that have arisen in sudan are 42% of them have no access to clean water and 36% have no toilets. Only one in five children lives to the age of five. “An average home in the west uses over 100 gallons of water each day. In contrast, an entire African family uses about five gallons of water each day. Just one flush of a toilet in the West uses more water than most Africans have to perform an entire day’s washing, cleaning, cooking and drinking.
Degradation: A type of organic chemical reaction in which a compound is converted into a simpler compound. Deforestation: The act or process of removing trees from or clearing a forest. Desertification: The transformation of arable or habitable land to desert,
as by a change in climate or destructive land use.
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