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No description

McKenley Howard

on 21 November 2013

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Transcript of Autobiography

McKenley Rylan Howard
My whole prezi will be going up from once you step up onto the block.
My Autobiography!
Chapter One:
and get to know
My Name:
McKenley Rylan Howard

What my name means:
•My first name, Mckenley, makes me self-reliant, creative in practical ways, and an independent diligent worker.
• I work best alone making my own decisions as it is not always easy for me to respond to the advice and direction of others as
I feel the need to be in control.
• I enjoy the simple pleasures of life especially activities that take me outdoors.
• I have a few good friends who enjoy similar activities.
• Living much within my own thoughts and finding it challenging to communicate easily with others, I am, at times, too candid and honest in your assessment of situations.
• I feel this separation from others and would give anything to be always lighthearted and friendly instead of serious and shy.
•Although my name Mckenley creates the urge to be original and self-reliant, we emphasize that it limits self-expression and
friendly congeniality with a moody disposition.

How my parents chose my name:
I was talking to my mom about how they came up with my name and she said "We didn't really find it anywhere but we really
liked Kenley but it was too colse to my sister (Kennedy) and they had heard of McKenzie but didn't like it as much so they deicided on
September 12, 1999
I think this is the best day in history ;)
Just Kidding! (I am not conceded)
Weight: 7 pounds 1 ounce
Height: 22 inches (my lucky number happens to be 22)
Expected: No, I came 3 weeks early :)
Day: I was born on a Sunday at about 2:20
Chapter 2- Young Years
During the years of your life(0-6), you hardly remember things. I mean I know I don't remember when I lost my first tooth or even when I started to walk. But luckily, I have an awesome mom that keeps track of those dates for me!
This is my sister (in red) and I (in navy blue) climbing a tree at Blue Springs.
This is my sister (Kennedy) and I canoeing!
This is my mom, Kennedy, and me in Utah one summer
I was a witch while my sister was Ariel for Halloween.
We like putting on 'Santa' beards.
I found a candy cane full of candy in my stocking!
The first time I went skiing with my dad behind me .
My sister and I made a snow fort!
100% Florida girl
Birthday CAKE!
My little sister Avery was born!!
Chapter one: A little bit about me! (my name and birth details)
Chapter two: Young years (pictures from way far back and a timeline)
Chapter three: Family and Friends
Chapter four: Later life (pictures from age 7 to my age right now 13)
Chapter five: Memorable Events
Chapter six: Description of myself now
Chapter seven: Likes and Dislikes
Chapter eight: Feelings (what I feel strong about)
Chapter nine: Others (how other people see me)
Chapter ten:

My future plans
My Family
My Best Friends
My Family consists of six people.
My Dad (Jason), my mom (Kimarie), my older sister Kennedy, me,
my younger sister Avery,
and my baby brother Coleson!
Kennedy (15)
Kennedy is in 10th grade and goes it Oviedo High School. She is on the school's Color and Winter guard team.
Avery is in 3rd Grade and goes to Stenstrom Elementary. She loves gymnastics, and dance!
Coleson (1)
Coleson is one year old, loves making his sisters laugh, and going outdoors!
I have four major BEST FRIENDS (a.k.a. my sisters)
Hannah <3
(they are not all in this picture)
Hannah and I have been friends FOREVER but we became BEST FRIENDS in 6th grade and have really grown to become sisters this year!
The reason Hannah and I are sisters is because we both love the same stuff. Like we both do Cross Country, track, swim, and triathlons together. Out of all of my Best Friends I spend the most time with Hannah!
We seriously spend 10 hours of ever day together if not more! We are on the same swim team (3 hours everyday), we carpool to Cross Country and then run together there (1 hour on Tues. and Thurs. then (3hours on Wed.) and we both have the same amount of free time so we always hangout when we can!
I have no idea what I would do without Hannah! Unlike most Best Friends we have never been in a fight because we get each other 100%
She is my sister <3
Danielle <3
Danielle is my crazy friend. We started our friendship in 6th grade sitting be each other in graphic design getting in trouble for eating.... she is that person you can be a freak with. Her main contribution to me is doing nails and stating my opinion she has really influenced me in that.
Kelsey is my friend since babies. We lived by other so we always had play dates. She is really good at doing nails and has helped me with that a lot. In our free time we paint our faces to look like freaks. She is the sophisticated friend.
Sophie <3
Sophie and I have been bestfriends forever! But Christmas of 2012 she moved to Idaho :( Luckily, we are still able to face-time,and text. She was my sister and we did everything together! I am supposed to go up to Idaho and see her this summer!
We are swimming!!
Chapter 4
My later Life
I did Cheer
I do Swim
I got an adorable brother <3
I met Taylor Swift!!
I did a triathlon!
I do Cross Country!
Chapter 5:
We have made the wall and are about to do a flip turn!
Memorable Events
Some of these things are repeated from (Later Life)
I met my role model Taylor Swift!!
I did a triathlon!!
I went on a Cruise!!
I met Ryan Lochte and a bunch of other Olympic swimmers!
Chapter 6: My description NOW!
Right now I would say I am very sports driven. I spend ALL of my free time at swim practice or training (for triathlons) outside of swim.
Some of my addictions are: Instagram and Pinterest.
I totally spend WAY too much time on both!
I am on a swimming team Blue Dolfins and have practice from 4:20-7:00 every weekday. Then have practice (7-9am) on Saturday, or a swim meet ALL weekend. Oh and after I finish swim practice I do the triathlon training group. That means I come at 6am and run until 7am when practice starts, swim 7-9am, and then go on a bike ride from 9-11am!

My Family <3
My Friends <3
(Chapter 7)
Any PE sport
Pitch Perfect :D
Wearing a contact :/
Waking up early
I feel very strongly about having good friends.
I feel like people should stop judging!
I feel like people underestimate swimming.
I feel like everyone should always be happy!
I feel like people think too much about how others think of them.
I feel like a lot of people are becoming less active due to electronics
Chapter nine:
I went and asked some people to describe me in three words.
When I grow up I want to be........
I will still continue.......
Some sports I will do are........
I want to live........
I hope to marry........
I see my kids........
I want to go to college at......
Funny, pretty, crazy!
Swimmer, spontaneous, outgoing!
Fun to be around, beautiful, great friend!
Sporty, nice, great friend!
Sweet, smart, and caring!
Gentle, caring, considerate!
Bubbly, outgoing, kind-hearted!
A dentist
Wanting good grades!
Triathlons, and swimming.
In a gorgeous home on a mountain
in Colorado!
Someone who is kind, caring, gentle, and loving <3
Being amazing at whatever they desire!
BYU Utah/Hawaii and then the University of Dental Medicine at The University of Colorado.
Athletic, hilarious, caring!
Athletic, pretty, nice!
Loud, spastic, friendly!
My Timeline!
This movie is my ALL time favorite so I added a slide just for it!
Pitch Perfect
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