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Gladys Lapinid

on 8 October 2013

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Transcript of Untitled Prezi


1ml water + 2ml Gelatin

Result: Yes, Gelation occur
1ml boiled Fresh Pineapple Juice + 2ml Gelatin
Result: Yes, GELATION occur.
1ml Fresh Pineapple Juice + 2ml Gelatin
Result: No Gelation occur.
1ml Fresh Pineapple Juice + 5drops HgCl2
+ 2ml Gelatin
Result: No Gelation occur.
TUBE # 5
1ml water + 50mg Meat Tenderizer + 2ml Gelatin
Result: No GELATION occur.
We conclude that there is an effect of the addition of bromelain on the gelatin, because, bromelain(pineapple) is an enzyme that catalyzed the breakdown of proteins(gelatin) into amino acids building blocks through hydrolysis. In case when bromelain was heated and at high temperature, the enzyme became inactive and it can't have the property to breakdown proteins(gelatin).

To add up, it is better to eat fresh Pineapples rather than in canned Pineapples.
What is Bromelain?
a natural mixture of two proteases
(protein-digesting enzymes) found in pineapples.

Bromelain works in these capacities due to
its ability to separate amino acids.

The compound separates the all-important
peptide bonds that link the proteins.
What is Gelatin?
Gelatin is a protein substance derived from
collagen, a natural protein present in the
tendons, ligaments, and tissues of
mammals. It is produced
by boiling the connective tissues,
bones and skins of animals, usually
cows and pigs.
Gelatin is part of the hydrocolloid family, and Hygroscopic. Hygroscopic is a necessary property for gelatin, because it allows the gelatin to become soluble with hot water and swells in cold water. Water, also doesn't have the property to BREAK down gelatin into liquid, because in the result, it remains solid.
The Bromelain enzyme in boiled Fresh Pineapple Juice has denatured by heat and cannot facilitate the breakdown of gelatin into liquid. That is why the gelatin still Solidify.

same as, Using canned pineapple juices allows the gelatin to firm and set into solid.
Since Fresh Pineapple Juice has not been heated, meaning the enzyme is active. Therefore, Bromelain enzyme has the property to detroy the gelatin and will not solidify.
No Gelation occur, since enzyme is still active and also, mercuric chloride is a reagent that helps in the digestion of protein(gelatin).
Pineapple is a source of meat
tenderizer. It helps tenderized
the meat(protein).

in relation to gelatin(protein),
meat tenderizer, tenderize or
dissolve or the gelatin to form
into liquid state. That is why,
in our result in tube #5,
gelatin was not solidify.
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