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The Earth and how it changes

Minerals, Rock cycle, sedimentary, metamorphic, igneous

Debbie Mahoney

on 5 March 2012

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Transcript of The Earth and how it changes

Learning about minerals, rocks, erosion, weathering, deposition and the rock cycle First you will do a bit of research in your teams on your SNOT (scientific note organization template) :) Once your research SNOT is checked and edited you will be set free to create a presentation for our class. How creative can you and your team members get? How will you tell us what material you have gathered? How well your team does is up to you....contribute, problem solve, share and create! Will you be a VALUABLE team member? How well will your classmates learn from you and your team? The clicker quiz will tell us how we are doing...but the presentations will be there for our reviewing :) Remember not to bore us....add pictures, videos, designs and have fun! When we all know the material and are ready we will then have a test! What Web Tool will your team choose to help you teach the class? Myfakewall? Prezi? weebly? Animoto? Glogster? Museum box? The choice is yours....go and create! Let the fun begin...
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