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Steve Jobs Informational Presentation

Informational Presentation on Steve Jobs and his success, including some aspect of business. This is for Communications 1030.

Cameron Martin

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Steve Jobs Informational Presentation

Steve Jobs Apple First created in the 1970's by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak Steve Wozniak was an electronics hacker at time when Steve Jobs recruited him to work for Apple Steve Jobs got funding to start Apple from semi-retired Product Manager from Intel Computers Steve Wozniak was an electronics hacker at time when Jobs asked him to join Apple. Jobs asked John Sculley from
Pepsi-Cola to join Apple as
new CEO. After economic down turn in late 84',
and announced mass layoffs, John
Sculley had to ask Jobs to leave his
own company. After leaving Apple Computers
Steve Jobs went on to start NeXT
Computers. Personal Life Born February 24, 1955 Dropped out of Reed College after first semester. Attended Homestead High School
in Coopertino California Frequently attended after school seminars sponsored by Hewlett-Packard. Described as "Techno-Junkie" First Apple Computers were made in Jobs' garage First Generation Apples, (Called Apple I)
were just the hard-drive, consumers had furnish keyboard, monitor, and protective case. 1 year after Apple I,
the "Two Steves" came
out with the Apple II-
a full computer, complete
with keyboard, monitor, and tower. Referred to as a "Techno Junkie" Took a job at Atari to save up money to go on a spiritual retreat to India. Cheated his friend Steve Wozniak out of almost 2,150 dollars Took after school classes sponsored by Hewlett Packard Career Overview Worked at Atari Introduced first generations Apple in 1970s. Founded NeXT Computer Foundation Aquired computer graphics Division of Pixar Animation Studies Became member of Board Of Directors for Walt Disney Corpration Introduced first generation Apples in 1970s NeXT Jobs started NeXT after he was laid off From Apple Aimed at college students and scientific users First Computer with built in Ethernet Port Jobs devised idea of E-Mail through Next computer software Bought out by Apple
Brought Jobs back into Apple as new CEO Disney and Pixar Bought Pixar from LucasFilm Group for 10 Million Original Inteded as a High-End Graphics Computer After years of unprofitability, Disney contracted Pixar
to make its first animated film (Toy Story, 1995) Disney
would Co-Finance and Co-Produce Pixar went on to make 10 more animated films with disney which include: Monsters Inc, Toy Story 2, Nemo, etc.

After Contract was up, Steve Jobs and Michael Eisner-Walt Disney CEO-tried to make a new contract, but could not agree on terms, Pixar went on to announce it would be looking for a new business partner when Disney contract was up. Bob Iger replaced Eisner at Dinsey soon after the Disney/Pixar contract was over, and Iger worked to repair relationships with Steve Jobs. In 2006 they announced Disney would buy Pixar. The purchase of Pixar by Disney was done through and all stock buy out. Steve Jobs then became Disneys largest single share holder. After merger, Steve Jobs was appointed to Disney's Board of Directors, and asked to take a seat on a special 6 seat team that oversaw Disney/Pixar animation teams. Current Jobs is premanent CEO of Apple, and refers to himself as "iCEO" Saw invention of: iPod, iPhone, iMac, iPad, etc. Remains on Board of Directors for Walt Disney Due to health reasons, he has an acting CEO manage day to day affiars, while only being involved in "major planning procedures" How does it relate? Only makes 1 dollar a year Was at the top of Forbbes richest CEOs list in 2006 Sets goals, good team management Communicates to employees and public very well Steve Jobs got funding to start Apple from semi-retired Product Maanager from Intel Computers
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