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Why did the South defend slavery & why did the North oppose it?

Instead of defending slavery as an "necessary evil" like before the 1830's, the South started to argue that with the rap

inez woodfaulk

on 18 September 2012

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Transcript of Why did the South defend slavery & why did the North oppose it?

Why did the South defend slavery? To the North slavery was morally wrong & cruel. But, also with the South pushing the expansion of slavery, the North felt as if it was taking more jobs away from the whites. Only about 25% of people owned slaves by 1860. Why did the North oppose slavery? If the slaves were to be set free, they were going to be free to work, provide food, medical care and shelter for their families. Most slaves became shared crop owners, but they still did not make enough money to support their family. Many slaves when set free were still hunted down and killed by those who didn't believe in the Emancipation Proclamation. But if the slaves were to be set free, the whites wanted to send them back to their homeland. Lincoln wanted to free the slaves but he didn't know how to. He wanted to free them all & send them back to Liberia, their native country. He admitted to the fact that he never thought as slavery as good. Lincoln felt that slavery was unjust and not fair. Lincoln stated that Africans were like aliens who were drug across the sea to an unknown land. President Lincoln This is an map of how slaves were traded. Slaves were sold as if they were a piece of meat. Instead of the South defending slavery as an "necessary evil", they started to defend it as an "positive good." The South stated that the slaves were happy and in actuality well taken care of. The South defended the fact that it was better being a slave then being a northern worker which was referred to as "wage slavery." One hundred and fifty-years ago, President Lincoln issued a " Proclamation " stating that if the South did not end the war within 100 days, slaves would forever be free. The rebellion of the slaves started at the beginning of the Civil War and was a long process. The slaves fought for national equality and they got that in December of 1865. The bottom line of the matter is that everyone deserves to be free and that the color of your skin should not matter, its about the content of your character and whats in your heart.
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