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kary mullis

communication skills

HyunWoo Jang

on 13 June 2014

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Transcript of kary mullis

his life
-Born in 1944.12.28
,north carolina
-Studied in U.C. Berkeley
-Phd in University of Kansas Medical School and U.C. San Francisco
-Work in Cetus as DNA chemist (PCR)
the use of PCR
-Restore extinct animal
-Human genome project
-paternity test
the use of Pcr
-Field of forensic medicine

criminal hunt
analysis of mutation
diagnosis about hereditary disease
the principle of pcr
STEP 1 - denaturation
the principle of pcr
STEP 2 - annealing
the principle of pcr
STEP 3 - elongation
the principle of pcr
His Talent
Ability of making connections
Wide interest about science
His Talent
Eccentric character
His Talent
Similar -> 3C of DGIST (creativity)
Things to learn
wide interest about science
ability of making connections
unusual thoughts
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Thank you
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