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You're probably wondering what Latvia is. Well, Latvia is-I'm not going to tell you! Find out in this awesome prezintantion!

Svetlana J

on 17 March 2010

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Transcript of Latvia_Lux

Population: 2,2 mln people Latvian Flag

Latvia's religions are Lutheran,
Roman Catholic, and Russian Orthidox. Latvians or Letts (Latvian: latviei; Livonian: laett), the indigenous Baltic people of Latvia, occasionally refer to themselves by the ancient name of Latvji. Ethnicity Main Diet and Native Food Latvians mainly eat potatoes,
pork,fresh vegetables, and rye bread. Latvia! Languages Latvian [official language]
Russian [second most popular]
English [almost all people till 30 speak English] Sports Geography Highest point:Gaizinkalns-311.6m above
sea level.
Longst river:Daugava- 1005km, within
territory of Latvia, 352 km Hockey
Government Latvia has a Parlament Democracy.
Latvia's President is Valdis Zatlers Map of Latvia Territory: Svetlana General information
Must-see places Latvian Open-Air Museum RIGA the Dome Cathedral
St. Peter's Church Rīga Castle Blackheads' House Jugendstil Metropolis
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