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From Seed To Sprout

No description

Allison Woodring

on 11 December 2013

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Transcript of From Seed To Sprout

What are a plants adaptions to their envirerment???
Adaption occrs when a plants envierment is changed.

A cactus adaption is that the cactus plant stores a large amount of water in its stem.
From Seed To Sprout
Created By Gwen Brooke Bode

What are the parts of a seed???
How Do Seeds Spread ???
Seeds Spread In Many Diffrent Ways
.animals speads when they pass through them
.wind help dandylions travel to doubles
.water helps sea grass travel to mulitiply
What Are A Flowers Parts??????
.The flower center contians pollen which helps reproduce seeds
.The leaves catch sunlight and break it down so the plants can obsorb it
.The stem sucks up the water and nutients for the plant to survive
.The roots help hold the plant in place
Photosynthis is the prosess of a plant getting it food.
Why are plants important???
.Plants give us oxygen and take in carbon-dioxide
.Plants give living things food
.Plants provide shade
.Plants provide homes for living things
Servere Weather

.brain pop jr
.brain pop
.united streaming
.science book
.Mrs Woodring
A flood does not happen very often but bad things happen when one does .The produce on the ground will be dead and the ones that survive will have a large amount of money.Then as nobody buys the produce farmers go out of bussniess and the workmen lose jobs.
.The seed coat protects the embryo inside the seed
.Embryo is the young plant
. The food storage stores nutrients for the young plant
brought to you by Gwen Bode

sponsored by .Mrs Woodring
.Mrs Corrnett . Mrs Felts
. Mrs Bode .Mrs Spurlin
.Miss Samantha
a pumkins life cycle
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