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Smart home

No description

Megan McCormack

on 5 May 2014

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Transcript of Smart home

Interactive Cookware
Combines Social Media with Cooking
Voice Recognition Software
Survey data

-Top three activities= eating, watching TV, sleeping

-Most time spent in the bedroom, living room, and kitchen.
Energy Efficient Toilet
Smart Shower, Smart Faucet, Smart Mirror
Living Walls
Alternate energy sources
Living room
-Smart Wrist band
Conclusion/ Tie together
Self- making bed
How smart homes impact the lives of those who own them and the local community
echnology is the way we are bringing Kitchens into the Future
Grey Water Recycled to grow plants to cook with
Smooth and Metallic
- Withings Smart Body Analyzer
Smart Home
By Bethany yeo, megan mccormack, nick chhoeun, dylan gordon, and alex warfel

May 8, 2014

-Smart Treadmill
-Electric Generating Bike/Communal Biking Tables
Breathing Metal
<- Before

After ->
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Wind Power
Solar Power
Energy efficient home > Eco-friendly
Solar Power vs. wind power/oil and gasoline
Adjust mattress via smartphone/tablet
Smartphone controlled LED bulb
Light occupancy sensors (motion control)
Withings Body Analyzer
Electric Generating Bikes
Smart treadmill
Smart Faucet
#Living Walls
Smart Mirror
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