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Interview Skills

No description

Ahmed Elmogy

on 5 September 2015

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Transcript of Interview Skills

Interview Skills
2.Know what you are applying for
3.Match things up
In the interview do.. & don't..
How to prepare for interview
1.Know yourself
What is interview ..really ?
"Open Discussion"
interview is simply a two way situation
you trying to brand your self
them trying to "test" if you are suitable for the job

References :
what's your goal ?
What's your message from it ?
How are you planing on doing it ?
what's your abilities and skills ?
what's your advantages ?
what's your disadvantages ?
what is the place (goal-message-vision) ?
what is the job description ,requirements ?
what is the job environment nature ?
who you going to be working with ?
who is going to interview you ?
what of your qualifications gives you an advantage ?
what of your qualifications gives you a disadvantage ?
simply use the information you gathered so far .. position your self for the hiring committee ..
show them that you have what they exactly are looking for
Thanks for listening
AIM Team
Dress appropriately
Arrive on time (15 min early)
close the cell phone
leave a good impression by a good use of body language :
make eye contact
firm posture
listen carefully
be polite and formal at the same time
be confident (good perpetration will help you with this)
speak truthfully ,briefly with clear determent answers (also good preparation is needed to achieve)
show enthusiasm and passion for the job
ask insightful questions it shows your interest in the jop

wear a lot of accessories
get to familiar with the committee
be grumpy , bored nor emotionless
badmouth an ex co-worker or a team leader
play with a pen or your hair
eat gum
answer more than needed don't be chatty
say somthing that you're not certain of
a little heads up about the interviewer
Email : Ahmedelmogy.aim@gmail.com
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