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Prewitt Slave Cemetery

No description

Kyle Butler

on 27 November 2012

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Transcript of Prewitt Slave Cemetery

The Prewitt Slave Cemetery is one of the largest slave cemetery in the United States. There are close to 600 graves in the cemetery which is on a 2 acre plot of land. “I think it’s important for our young people to stand upon these sacred grounds, to understand their history and to continue the efforts we’ve begun." - Floda Prewitt Taylor Prewitt
Slave Cemetery The Old Prewitt Slave Cemetery is located in Northport, Alabama on the Northwest corner of Lake Tuscaloosa. It is located on Byler Road, the oldest public road in Alabama. John Welch Prewitt (Prewett) Prewitt was an extremely wealthy man. He had tens of thousands of dollars in gold bars in his house.

He owned slave ships and owned at any given point up to 600 slaves.

They lived in quarters behind his house or in quarters closer to the farms they were working. Prewitt has been esteemed as a "good" slave owner for the way he treated his slaves.

His wife, "Miss Betsy," would care for the sick slave children.

Gave a 2 acre plot of land to his slaves for them to bury their dead relatives. Descendants of John Welch Prewitt have begun a restoration movement.

Others who have found that some of their deceased relatives are burried at the cemetery have joined the movement.

The Tuscaloosa County Preservation Society now lists the Prewitt Slave Cemetery on its list of historic places.

Many of the gravestones have been severely eroded or damaged by the nature surrounding it.

Of the over 600 graves believed to be in the cemetery, only about 200 are marked. The rest have either eroded away or were never marked. Kyle Butler
Dr. Wilson
CSE 487
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