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Hl 15 Skills to Implement Action Goals

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Richard Wong

on 9 July 2016

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Transcript of Hl 15 Skills to Implement Action Goals

Many seek advice, few profit from it - Publius Syrus (42 B.C.) skills to Implement Action Goals How would an action be acted? Since when? In what way? Difficult? How difficult? Ask yourself: GIVE INFORMATION Show your impacts and impressions from your Clients FEEDBACK NEVER BAD ADVISEMENT, BUT BAD TIMING. ADVISEMENT Is your strategy better than your client?
Can you share your strategy with your client?
HAVING AN ACTION IS. INSIGHT ACTION(S) ? EXAMPLE IN p. 303 do I want to educate the client?
do I want to normalize the experience?
do I want to explain what is happening in the session? Then, from your client's response, ask yourself again.... is the client trying to make you feel needed or like an expert?
is the client trying to avoid exploration or insight?
is the client resorting to familiar defenses of being dependent on others?
does giving information foster futher dependency in the client?
does the client expect you to be like a medical doctor who asks questions about the problem and then gives a diagnosis and course or treatment?
Is the client testing you or your credibility? who should take the responsibility for one's own problem of life? you expressed yourself very clearly and concisely in the role-play
you are smiling a lot and seem more open to making changes
I noticed that you were tapping your foot during the relaxation However, feedback is not compliments make sure you have a good relationship before you provide feedback
Mostly, positive feedback
Positive before negative
Observation rather than fact
descriptive rather than evaluative
Observe client's reactions Give credible rationale for suggesting an exercise in the session
Be clear and unapologetic about what you want the client to do
Observe how the client responds to process advisement and modify in needed to fit the client
Do not get involved in a control struggle over what to do GUIDANCE Make sure you can guide your client In which way? In what conditions? thinking about giving 'homework' to your clients?
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