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Copy of ArtEdu

No description

Alia Kamal

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Copy of ArtEdu

Academic Outcomes Possible Applications: Building on the BRAC PACE initiative A different approach to learning Core subjects- Mathematics, Sciences, Languages The Arts Literacy Through Photography (LTP)- a model that employs visual tools to learn creatively
Language and Literacy Development
Reading Comprehension
Writing Skills
Mathematics Achievement
Overall Academic Acheivement
Underserved Students Research shows:
Creative Thinking
Critical Thinking
Problem Solving and
Engagement and Persistence
Positive Behaviour
Self Efficacy and Self-Confidence Cognitive Outcomes Personal Outcomes

Collaboration and Communication Social and Civic Outcomes Rote memorization without understanding material.
Difficulty in understanding concepts.
Teacher-student relationships
Unprepared for the "WHY"
Huge emphasis on the numbers and not the actual learning
Fear of being wrong
Lacking creativity
Learning isn't fun An innovative approach-
LTP in Arusha Tanzania
What do you see? Writing Drawing Photography Analysis and discussion
Applied to different subjects and to students in different grades
Teachers trained
All projects from six different schools were displayed in a public exhibition attended by educators and students at a local venue. Dreams project
Self portraits
Science Projects
Creative writing Art in School Inclusion of afterschool
art programs - Visual arts, Dance and music
Increased confidence.
Excited about courses.
Ability to conceptualize.
Proud of work.
Positive reinforcement.
Able to relate visually
Use visual learning tools to understand and unpack difficult concepts
Use existing curriculum and interpret through the arts-theater, dance, vis-arts and music. As an example, For english, different creative writing projects-- Dreams project, Self portrait
Introduce after-school arts programs
Understand difficult concepts using pictures, drawings, color and building models.
Focus on students as active participants: conducting and designing individual science experiments rather than rote learning
Encourage students to think creatively and ask WHY
Encourage group oriented projects and analysis of material
Allow free space for ideas without judgement
Build greater attention to detail
Display of student work as a learning tool and as positive reinforcement
Have fun! World class educators +Talented animators = Educational videos that are creative, freely acessible, lesson plan tools Pre-intervention: Post intervention Formative experimentation- Scope for Pilot study Thank you! Use existing research studies, literature, arts focused programs as reference for experimental design
Pick specific groups to study
Utilize BRAC RED resources-pilot research
Picking a specific focus- science for example
Observe specific needs in classroom
Implementation -small scale Broader Implications Bangladesh specific education policy research
Reporting on perceived outcomes in (cognitive,social,academic and personal)
Developing effective model based on studies
Applying model to different schools and grades
Training teachers and creating a useful teaching resource
Spearheading innovative education reform
Developing the next generation of creative thinkers and problem solvers Major portion of school budget
Textbook-based approach
Lots of information packed with few images
Difficult concepts
Scores indicate student performance
Numbers drive funding Non-essential. Budget cut victim especially when resources are limited. Linear. Non-integrated A clear separation TED-ed = New Visual learning initiative "The National Association of State Boards of Education (NASBE), in collaboration with the Arts Education Partnership (AEP), is beginning a project to help state boards of education across the country utilize the research in ArtsEdSearch to make informed, evidence-based policy decisions. " Bradley J. Hull, Deputy Executive Director at National Association of State Boards of Education Some specifics from ArtsEdSearch-> First research and policy online database in US -> approximately 200 research studies-> experts in educational research and policy. Project of Arts Education Partnership funded by U. S. Department of Education, the National Endowment for the Arts, the Ford Foundation, and The Wallace Foundation
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