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What If the Constitution Was Never Ratified

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on 21 December 2013

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Transcript of What If the Constitution Was Never Ratified

Scenario 1: America divided into two
So what happens?
How does this help the world?
Cultural, political, and social disagreements lead to a failure to pass the Constitution, resulting in the North and South forming 2 separate nations. The North begins to industrialize under Federalist leaders while the South tends towards agriculture with Republican ideas
How does this help the world?
Expansion of slavery halted with no more competitive Western expansion between the Northern and Southern states. The South eventually institutes abolition under international pressure and diplomatic/economic ties with the North

Imperialism is also reduced in scale as a result of the 2 seperate nations having less prescence on the world scale.
Westward movement is greatly delayed as result of treaty limiting aggressive expansion. As a result, pressure on Native American peoples is lessened and relations begin to form. Over time, the tribes begin to create settlements rivaling Western civilization
Although there are tensions because of the differing ideals, the two countries begin to come to a common understand that they must work together to fend off a vengeful England and support each other's economies , using their differing ideologies to their advantage.
Why We Chose the Constitution
ratification of Constitution is pivotal part of American history
we wondered what would happen without it
Constitution influenced American economy, division of power, and federalism, or division of power between national and federal governments
foreign relations would have been different
future governments would have developed differently without American pressure for constitutional democracy
What the Constitution Is About
creation of legislative, executive, and judicial branch of government to divide power
power to tax, enforce treaties, and regulate commerce
number of votes per state depends on population in House of Representatives
equal representation in Senate
guarantee freedom of speech, religion, press, vote
What If the Constitution Was Never Ratified
by Vayum Arora, Kelvin Zhang, Andy Sun, and Akila Cuddalore
Unintended Consquences
Small regional conflicts occur along the border, which could escalate to larger scale fighting
Lack of a big America would likely effect the outcome of WWI, WWII, and other international conflicts
Could result in Germany winning or fighting occuring in the Americas

2nd Scenario
The United States is broken up into 13 different countries, each with their own government.
Each state has their own functioning government and initially each state accumulates tension with the others.
Each state signs a peace treaty with the other and states reside happily with good relations and trade
So What Happens
Initially, all the states agree to push westward and gain new land, but don't agree to the same terms for westward expansion. As a result, Native American tribes keep their territories and are not kicked out.
So how does this help the world?
Native American tribes are not relocated and kicked out of their homes and territories. In addition, the use of thirteen states instead of a big one or two medium countries accounts for a greater distribution of wealth and a greater say for each citizen. Instead of being an empire or an imperialistic dominant superpower, the thirteen countries co-exist peacefully with their own seperate problems. In this case, huge disasters such as World Wars or the Great Depression is avoided.
Unintended Consequences
The nations undergo several wars to see who is the dominant power
World War 1 still occurs, and Germany wins and rules the defeated countries.
Britian reabsorbs back the 13 countries as they are too weak to fight
No major wars are fought, but any imperialstic country that tries to take over these countries are successful
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