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Stress Free Corporate Wellness

The World's Only Guaranteed ROI Corporate Wellness Solution

Dr.William Ferro

on 22 November 2016

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Transcript of Stress Free Corporate Wellness

"Food can either be
the most powerful
form of medicine or
the slowest form
of poison." 80% of your results depend on proper nutrition The 80:20 Rule A Fast Paced And Toxic World Is Taking Control Easier Said Than Done Emotional Stress Is At An All Time High American Cancer Society 2006 Environment & Lifestyle Stress Causes
Internal Body Imbalances A Vicious Cycle Of Feeling, Fat Sick & Tired Employees Are Sick & Tired Toxicity Stress From, Chemicals, Pesticides and Pollution FOOD AIR WATER SKIN To Provide A "Stress Free Nutrition Solution" Gold's Gym Partners With PureProactive Average Weight Loss 20.3 lbs In Six Weeks

98% Success Rate

Better Sleep, Energy and Reduction
of Medications Case Study Results 65 Members How Does It Work? Drops 60lbs In Four Months Group Exercise Director Charlie Gets Lean Drops 23lbs In Three Weeks Irene 42lbs lighter Healthy Meals + Water + Supplementation + Coach = (Stress & Toxicity) Success % The Formula The Results Purification Kit Getting Started Pick Your Results Pathway Lose Less Than 7 lbs.
Low Stress
Normal Blood Values
No Medications Lose More than 8 lbs.
Moderate Stress
Abnormal Blood Values
Previous Failed Weight Loss Purification & Weight Release Kit 75 to 80% of all cancer deaths are due to some external toxin- Decrease This Increase This Guarantee This A very potent and important lipotropic enzymes. As out liver becomes toxic or overworked, it fails to produce adequate for breakdown and assimilation of fats. As a result, the gallbladder which stores bile (enzymes) produced by a healthy liver, is not full of necessary bile ready to breakdown fatty foods. Indications may include: sluggish gall bladder, overweight, toxic liver, gallbladder removal and cholesterol issues. A powerful 12-strain pro-biotic mix that helps restore and support normal flora in the intestinal tract. Indications may include: Yeast infections, sugar craving, slow blood clotting, and hypothyroidism. attack cells Free Radicals The Fallout Damaged Cells Cause Premature Aging To Skin, Organs and Tissues Disease State Advance Into Cancer, Heart Disease, Stroke and Diabetes Waste Time
Waste Money
Have Low Engagement
Not Risk Focused Employers Are Bombarded With
ONE SIZE FITS ALL Solutions that: Lose 4-8lbs Per Week
Sleep Better
Feel Energized
Lower Stress
Be Mentally Present
Be Bathing Suit Ready
Lower Health Risks I would like to... But...I Have, No Time
No Guidance
Tried Everything
No Money To Waste Relax... 97% Effective
Fits Your Employees Lifestyle
Fits Your Budget
Easy Roll Out
Guaranteed ROI 1 in 3 Woman Die Of Heart Disease American Heart Association 2010 Detoxify
Energize Detoxify
Burn Fat
Appetite Control All Natural
Plant Based
Medically Supervised
Personal Coach Program 30-Day Clean & Lean Refresh,Renew,Restore Designed to support the body with appetite suppression and weight control. This product will expand when in contact with moisture to 50 times its normal size, and along with Hoodia, it decreases hunger and appetite. Added amino acids facilitate weight loss. Indications may include: Weight loss, excessive appetite and high cholesterol. A 10 day, mild, yet comprehensive detoxification program supporting a complete cleanse of the body including the liver, kidneys, colon and lymphatic system. Also contains digestive enzymes, probiotics and essential vitamins and minerals. Creates a mild energy boost and prepares the body for ultimate nutritional healing. It contains seven different formulas including vitamins, minerals, enzymes, galactomannan (dietary fiber), acidophilus, and several herbal systemic cleansers and detoxifies. This great "non-explosive" detoxification is a complete, multi-system cleanse that prepares the body for improved assimilation and response. Indications may include: General detoxification, hives, and toxic reactions. We Discovered A Stress Free Wellness Solution That is: Why Is It Called "Stress Free Wellness"? It's an Internal Spa Treatment
A Body & Mind Refresh
Easy To Follow
It's All Natural
It Works Fast
It's Life Changing
It Works Guaranteed Try It For Seven Days
If it is not the absolute best thing you have done for yourself we will refund you.
No Questions Asked. No Points, Fads Or Shakes We Promise Getting Started Lose More than 8 lbs.
Moderate Stress
Abnormal Blood Values
Previous Failed Weight Loss Lose Less Than 7 lbs.
Low Stress
Normal Blood Values
No Medications Pick Your Results Pathway Is There Help? But let's explore a few things first. "0% Increase In Health Care Premiums 2012" Case Study For the first time in company history we negotiated a Paul Schaller President ABC Financial $629 Avg. Cost Of Wellness Program Per Employee Source: Fidelity Investments 2011
75 Employees Participated
40% in Health Risk Reduction
$93 Investment Per Employee Avg. (400 emp.)
0% Increase Health Care Premiums ROI 289%
Savings 144K Yes! Virtual
On Demand
Medically Supervised
Assigned Personal Coach
Pay For Performance
No Fees Or Long Contracts
Turn Key Roll Out Portal
Text "Employee Wellness Is Not a Benefit, it is a business decision. We help you focus your energy and capital towards the best and most efficient ROI." Dr Ferro CEO PureProactive Would You Spend Marketing Dollars to market to customers already using your product or services? Then why invest wellness dollars on employees already self engaged in health & fitness? Free Portals Are Already Available
HRA & Biometrics Tests Are Included In Your Insurance Plan.
Coaching Call Centers ARE NOT THE SAME As Personal Coaching
Biggest Loser Contests are the same as promoting Yo-Yo dieting Here are a couple of FREE secrets: Can You Automate
Management & Accountability? Of Course Not Employees Need Individual Plans
That Fit Their Time, Budget and Need Not Another Software Program They Need Coaching, Education, Support, Accountability and Results Not a gift card to Target or Best Buy They Only Lack Motivation Because They Have Failed So Many Times Before Don't make it worse by giving them a carrot to cut a steak. Moving Fair, Average & Poor Health
To Good An Excellent Boost Moral
Creates a Wellness Environment
Reduces Sick Time
Increases Productivity
Reduces Health Care Costs Seven Days Per Week
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