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No description

jesalyn tremblay

on 13 January 2014

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Transcript of Hunting

Hunting is very expensive in many ways. You always need a hunting permit and a hunter number and a gun permit. You also need a gun or bow and a knife and a whole bunch of other gear
It comes at a cost
I did not photoshop any of the images shown. On the left is really what we see when we go hunting. and as sad as it is this is where most meat comes from
Wild Vs. CAFO
This is (deer) meat that was shot on the man's property. All of it was made the man's smoke house by himself.
Homemade meats
This is my dad. He taught me how to hunt from the moment I could walk. He learned everything from his father who learned from his mom and dad.
Where it all started
Hunting and fishing
Processed meats
This meat came off a cafo farm, otherwise known as a confined, animal, feeding, operations. I'll let you decide what looks better.
You are responsible for taking somethings life
The danger of it all
We can be the danger too...
you are hunting.. or being hunted
Where it really all started
we take the old and the sick
not the young and the new
Feeding the family
fish farm
When were not hunting, were scouting.
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