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Resume and Cover Letter Workshop

No description

Diana Guardado

on 16 December 2015

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Transcript of Resume and Cover Letter Workshop

Career Services Center
University Center, 5th Floor

Resume Content Overview
Contact info: Name, address, telephone, and e-mail
Include LinkedIn Profile in contact info (Twitter, Blog, Facebook if appropriate)
Volunteer Experience
Skills (computer, language, etc.)


Summary of your professional history and qualifications

Your opportunity to interest an employer, introduce yourself, and get an interview

Purpose of a resume
Give a first impression!
Companies will judge you by content, layout, language, grammar & tone
10-second review max!
During an interview: resume is a discussion guide

Resume Formats
Employment history organized: most recent position first
Highlights accomplishments within each position
Recruiters and employers often prefer this format
Recommended for undergraduate students!

Resume Formats (continued)
Focuses on areas of skill
Draws attention to accomplishments rather than job titles
Good for career changers or gaps in employment history
Often recommended for graduate students, but not always

Targeted Resume
Prepared with a specific position or employer in mind
Features most significant qualifications
Grabs employer’s attention
Educates the employer about your background
Illustrates the type of results you can produce

Resume Appearance
One page preferred, except as dictated by industry
Bonded paper (24-60 lbs.) in a professional color: white, cream, light gray
Standard Fonts (Arial or Times New Roman) in 10-12.5-pt.
Margins: use white space to frame (1” ideal)
Emphasize points with bullets •, UPPERCASE, bold, italics (do not overuse, however)

Include expected graduation date, major, minor, etc.
Can include GPA if over 3.5
Can include study abroad experience and community college (reverse chronological)
Can include special coursework, projects, honors & awards

Experience (continued)
For complete information about accomplishment statements, please refer to our website and the
Job & Internship Resource Guide
or the
“Resumes & Cover Letters”
section, both under
Quick Links

Languages: Specify language and degree of fluency (i.e. fluent, proficient, conversational, written, spoken)

Computer: Name both hardware and software

List involvement in student clubs, athletics, volunteer work

Sample formatting:

“Member, Psi Chi (Psychology Honors Society) 09/11 –Present
“Volunteer, Project Open Hand, San Francisco 01/12 – Present
Beta Alpha Psi (Honors Business Fraternity)
Treasurer 09/11 – Present
Member 01/11 - Present
Things to avoid
Final Resume Pointers
Put your best foot forward - be proud of your accomplishments!
Be honest – would former supervisors agree with what you’ve included?
Ask a few people to review your resume: is it clear, specific, and to-the-point?
Proofread, proofread, proofread! Don’t assume employers won’t catch little mistakes

Cover Letters
Purpose of a cover letter is to:
Supplement and clarify your resume
Demonstrate how your experience fits the specific job description for this specific company
Target, target, target!
Exhibit your enthusiasm and knowledge of the company

Include job title, name of company, location, dates, description of responsibilities & results produced
Doesn’t have to be paid experience
Include information that supports job objective
– be specific
Create a “Relevant Experience” section if needed

Use present tense for current job

Use past tense for previous jobs

Don’t use pronouns: “I, We, They”

Complete sentences and periods are not necessary

Don’t over-abbreviate names of associations, clubs, etc.

Resume Writing Style
Experience (continued)
Use accomplishment statements:
Action Verb + Object + Context + Results
Past success is the best predictor of future success
This is one of most important part of your resume!!!
Did you:
Achieve same results with fewer resources?
Improve a task, function or process?
Initiate a new undertaking?
Surpass accepted standards?
Personal information:
social security number, marital status, height, weight, citizenship, health

(unless unusual or related to target job),
religious affiliations

(use a separate page for these)

Salary history
Cover Letters (continued)

Your address
Name and address of the company

Dear Ms. Barbara Smith,
Always use Ms. for a female
Make an effort to find out the name of the hiring manager
If not, start with Dear Hiring Manager,

Cover Letters (continued)

Name position you are applying for

Tell where you saw the job posting

If possible, choose two or three key qualities that are mentioned in the job description and name them.

Paragraph One
Cover Letters (continued)

Support the two or three qualities mentioned in the first paragraph with your past work experience and/or…

State how your academic career has prepared you well for this position

Research the company

Company website

News articles

Paragraph Two
Cover Letters (continued)

Reiterate your interest in position

Request an interview and thank them for their consideration

Make your contact information (phone and email) easy to find

Let them know when you will follow-up (if possible)

Reference Sheet
Develop separate page of 3-5 academic or professional references
Get their permission
Let them know about your search
Provide them with your updated resume
Include their name, title, company address and daytime phone number
Don’t send references to employers unless asked (usually after at least one interview)

Sample Reference
Reference for Ima Star :
Ms. Wanda Jones
Catering Manager, Hotels-R-Us
123 Riverside Drive
Wherever, CA 90000
(444) 111-5555
* Former Manager

A-ha’s learned
Complete Evaluations
Other ???

Paragraph Three
Sample Accomplishment Statements:
“Achieved and maintained 30% annual sales growth over four-year period”
“Improved service efficiency and customer satisfaction by 20% by streamlining responses to customer requests”
Heading and Introduction:
Full transcript