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Sarah Salcedo


Cator Park

on 19 December 2009

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Transcript of Sarah Salcedo

How revolutionary was the miniskirt for women in the twentieth century? The women’s duty was to respect the Master of the house and support him in all he does and most of the time the man were in control. Women in 1900’s wore long dresses that was floor length The First World Was started at 1914. The women wore dresses that was up to their ankle their dresses were tight at the ankle so when they walk they look like hey were waddling and also women also joined they army to help out during the war. 1900's Edwardian 1910's First World War 1920's Flappers The women were able to wear skirts that were an inch below the knee and the most popular haircut during that time was the bob. 1930's BBC will no longer accept/employ married women Amy Johnson was the first person to fly to Britain from Australia 1940's Second World War National service act was introduces for women who were unmarried and age 20-30 Although women was recognized more they still had to do all the housework seeing as men couldn't be bothered to do so Women were able to choose the types of job they wanted The bob hairstyle is still popular to most people.

Most skirts are on and above the knee Employing women who were married was still banned. 1950's
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