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ahmed zizo

on 16 November 2014

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Transcript of microcontroller

Technology has affected society and it's
surroundings in many ways .

One of this ways and one of the most important invention is the microconroller
What is microcontroller?
Component of microcontroller .
How does microcontroller work ?
Microcontroller .vs. microprocessor.
Application of microcontroller.
Robot under 500 pounds
Microscobicrobot (treatment)
Amicroconroller is acompact microcomputer designed to govern the operation of embedded system in motor vehicles, robot,office machines,complex medical devices, mobile radio tarncievers,home appliances.

Atypical microcontroller includes aprocessor, memory and peripherals .
component of microcontroller
Rom (read only memory)
Ram (random acces memory)
Eeprom (elecrically earsable programmable rom)
Sfr (special function register )
Program counter
Cpu (central processor unit)

Rom :
It is atype of memory used to permanently save
the program being executed .
Rom can be built in the microcontroller or added as an external chips, the size of rom ranges
from 512 to 64 KB

Ram :
Is a type of memory used for temporary storing data and intermediate results created
use during rhe operation of micrcontrollers
the size of Ram goes up to few KB

The eeprom is aspecial type of memory not contained
in all microcontrollers , it contents may be changed
during program execution (simliar to Ram ) .
but reamins permanently saved even after the loss
of power (similar to Rom )
Sfr :
It is apart of Ram memory. the purpose is predefined
bt the manufacturer and cannot be changed .
their bits are physivally connected to particular circuits
within the microcontroller .
Program counter :
Is an engine running the engine and points to the memory address , after each instruction , the value of other counter is incremented by 1 .for this reason
the program executes only one instruction at time .
Cpu :
This is aunit which monitors and controls all processes with in microcontroller . the user cannot affect its work .
it contain smaller sub units as :
Instruction decoder
Alu (arithmatic logical unit )
I/o ports
Instruction decoder
Alu (arithmatical logical unit )
I/0 ports

Instruction decoder :
Is a part of the elctronics which recognizes program instructions and runs other circuits
on the basis of that .
the abilites of this circuit are expressed in the " instructuion set " which is different for each microcontroller family
Alu : (arithmatical logic unit )
It is taking charge of all mathmatical and logical operation upon data at microcontroller .
I/O Ports : (input /output ports)

In order to make the microcontroller useful .
it is necessary to connect it to peripheral devices.
each microcontrollers has one or more registers
connected to the microcontroller pins .
oscillator :
Even pulses generated by the oscillator enable harmonic and sychronous operation
of all circuits in the microcontrollers .

It is usually configured to use quartz-crystal
or ceramics resonator for frequency stablization .
Counters :
Most programs use "counters " in their operation.
these are commonly 8 or 16 bit Sfrs the content
of which is automatically incremented by each comming pulse .
once the register is completly loaded ,an interrupt is generated .
How does microcontroller work ?
Microcontroller has an input device in order to get
the input and output device (LED) to exhibit final process.

Microcontroller has a cpu ,fixed amount of Ram,
Rom and perpherals all embedded on a single chip.

Today diffrent manufacturers produce microcontrollers with awide range of features available in different versions
microcontroller :
Are typically 8-bit, but may be 4-16-32 bit .
Run at speed less than 200MHz.
Use very little power.
May provide enough current to provide LED.
Are useful to interface with sensors and motors.
Are readily replaced ,being cheap ($0.10-10$)
Are realy nice for electronic hobbyists.
Are often at least 16-bit, and typically 32-bit or 64-bit, though 8-bit still has a big market share
Run at speeds measured in hundreds of MHz.
Are designed to be the brains of a system.
Need special hardware to interface with sensors, motors.
Are expensive (think $50 - $250 for 32 or 64-bit).
Are designed for external RAM and persistent storage .
Are not as easily worked with by a hobbyist.

application of microcontroller
Daily life .
Mobile phones.

Military field:
Spy robot.
Application innovative:
Gsm based remote temprature monitoring
Mobile phone
Spy robot
Spy robots can :
Locating and destroying mines on land.
Entering enemy bases to gather information.
Spying on enemy troops.
Dr.David Gow,of the prosthmetic research
and develpment Margaret Rose hospital made the first bionic arm called Edinburgh modular arm system (EMAS) in 1998 .
Gsm based remote temprature monitoring
We can benefit from this technolgy by when you are in any place you can know the temprature in your house and control it
We can use this technology at smart homes
Robot under 500 pounds .
Microscobic robot.

What is Dexmo ?
Models of Dexmo.
What we can use Dexmo in ?
Cost of Dexmo
Dexmo is an "Exoglove" that can capture your hand movements and lets you feel digital objects in a digital world .
It was developed by company called Dexta, a chinese company that describes it self "Group of hardcor robotics.
Dexmo classic :
It can capture 11 degrees of hand movement, which
include the three degrees of motion they are (x,y,z,).
Dexmo f2:
It gives the wearer force feedback to make
them feel like they are actually touching
the things they see .
We can use "Dexmo" at :
Gaming,controlling smart home devices, making music by gesture
we can use it for controlling a robotic
We can get Dexmo classic for 65$ but we will have to pay 75$ when the glove run out.

What is microscobic robot ?
Microscobic robot development .
How can microscobic robot swim?
A robotic microscope was designed using amicrocontroller with three stepper motors to control three-axis movement. Two 7 megapixel digital cameras controlled by the microcontroller capture images when the stage moves into position.
For years now, scientists have been trying to develop microscopic robots that can swim through bodily fluids and repair damaged cells or deliver medicine. Now, scientists from the Max Planck Institute for Intelligent Systems in Germany believe they've got the perfect design -- in the form of scallops so small, they can barely be seen by the naked eye. These micro-robo-scallops move back and forth to swim through blood, eyeball fluids and other liquids inside our body. The scientists believe mimicking the way a true scallop swims is ideal
moving backward and forward is the best way to swim through non-Newtonian fluids, or liquids that can grow thicker or thinner, depending on the situation. As you've likely guessed, our bodily fluids are good examples (so is oobleck, or the 1:1.5-2 mixture of water and cornstarch seriously, try it out for yourself), as opposed to water, which can retain its viscosity. Second, the micro-scallops don't need much power be able to move that way. They don't require batteries or even motors -- just the energy provided by an external magnetic field
Thank you
Dr.Lubna Fekry
How does microcontroller work in tv ?
The tv has a remote control as (input device )
and the tv screen as (output device .
the signal sent from the remote control is captured
by microcontroller ,the microcontroller controls the
the channel selection,the ampilifier system ,etc .
But Dexmo f2 is sell for 179$.
http://arduio.cc/emai/software .com
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