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Drugs, Sports, Body Image and G.I. Joe Analysis

Analysis of that thing by Natalie Angrier

CeCe Miyagawa

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Drugs, Sports, Body Image and G.I. Joe Analysis

Analyzing G.I. Joe's Body ;D By
CeCe Miyagawa
Veronica Gomez
Nathan Ridgley
Haley Hansen Ideal Body Image and its effects on people
Ways of achieving "ideal" body
How steroids effect your body
How sports effects steroids and their use An Image of Beauty Mounting Demands What G.I. is All About (Paragraphs 7-13) This portion of the essay concentrated on the growing reliance on "body enhancing" drugs.
Natalie's approach on the reliance describes how the different images have begun to effect the population.
Angrier focuses on how steroids used to be limited in results but have grown into more "standard reflecting" products.
Used to explain to the audience how "ideal" images have begun to shape society and how society develops drugs for the benefit of the people. (Con't) Discusses the various after effects of steroids, the dangers and doses.
Using logos, N.A. tells of how doctors emphasize "dangers of muscle-building drugs". Describing how these drugs cause damage to an individual.
Causes of the damage meant to concern reader and realize the negative effects steroids have.
Human obsession with image comes from the want of likeness to media's displays of "perfection" [the dolls (G.I. Joes)] (paragraphs 1-6) Joe and Barbie dolls specifically show the image of massive muscles and a waist line that people go to very dangerous lengths to obtain.
The statistics steroid use have gone up since the manufacture of G.I. Joe started.
In general Angrier uses many more complicated vocabulary words, but at the same time gives back round information on all of her detail.
The first paragraph is only one sentence long.
It gives list of the affects of what these dolls represent
Also used to show the lengths people are willing to go to achieve this “perfect” body. (con't) G.I. Joe’s image has lead to the use of performance enhancing drugs.
Natalie Angrier discusses how the cause of the newest G.I. Joe (G.I Joe extreme) has impacted the public.
Shoot towards the same muscle mass.
Shoot for the same naturally impossible standards
Natalie discusses these topics in order to describe to what extent media has an effect on the population. Effects of Anabolic Steroids Angier exposes the effects of anabolic steroids to the reader.
Initially, the desire for perfection begins with the "ideal image", the body every man wants, but can never obtain.
Desire quickly escalates carrying out of drastic measures to achieve the look they wish to have.
Includes the use of steroids.
Without the G.I. Joe's image impacting society, drugs and steroids would not be used.
Less would suffer from the addiction and the need would not be so immense. The Results Are In Anabolic steroids have never been proven to increase muscle mass or strength.
People misplace their trust in "easy" ways of looking better, rather than safer, but more work-endorsed means.
Society has become lazy, yet still want perfection.
People believe that this extreme method is the sole way to achieve the "ideal image". When in reality, it cannot be achieved. (paragraphs 20-end) Sports paragraphs 14-19 Young athletes are pushed to excel all the time.
Athletes, fully aware of the negative effects still partake in Anabolic Steroids.
Expert testimony to show why athletes still use steroids knowing the consequences.
Society fixates on individual achievement of gold medal Olympians.
World records, along with pushing young athletes towards these goals forces young athletes to put their lives and health at risk.
Society's "win, win, win" attitude stimulates the use of steroids. (con't) Young athletes recognize the negatives.
They feel obligated to take steroids because their parents, coach, and society is pushing them to be perfect.
They are not in it for "fitness" but to compete and win.
"According to many researchers . . . most drugs do not work nearly as well as billed."
Human growth hormone increases muscle mass, but the muscles are not necessarily stronger solely because they are bigger.
Irony in the fact that the drugs do not perform or enhance the ability as desired. What's Your Point? In the end, steroids are the result of people being unsatisfied with their non-ideal image. Media and merchandise have become such an impact on society that people willingly damage their bodies to try to achieve an image that is not necessary to be beautiful or handsome as an individual.
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