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Career Shadowing

No description

Haley Massung

on 27 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Departent of Children and Families
Early Learning Coalition The Coalition's Role:
The Coalition empowers parents to establish and maintain control over the education of their children and to become advocates on their own behalf.
The Coalition engages the community by providing opportunities for involvement, growth and empowerment.
The Coalition acknowledges its leadership responsibility by networking and forming collaborative relationships with other organizations and groups.
The Coalition advocates for innovative, responsive and effective community-based services.
The Coalition allocates its resources to maximize its effectiveness. Sheryl Weisgarber Sheryl Weisgarber
Client Services Counselor
(352) 563-9939 x242
Employability Skills Needed To work at this Company:
1. Do assigned Work
2. Be prepared
3. Dress apropriately
4. Be on time Our Vision
All children will have access to quality early education and care, and enter school ready to learn.

Our Mission
The Coalition will collaborate with parents to integrate a system of services and facilitate quality early education programs that include linkages to all areas of child development.

This company is not going to change much in 15 years they will still have to reach the same goals and fulfill the same needs. She makes about 37,000 dollars a year. Almost all the work done at this job is on a computer. The program in which they input things about there clients is on a computer program. They make and recieve tons of phone calls a dy. This business relys highly on technology. To have this job you must know how to use a computer very well and you have to have great communication skills for all types of communication. The best thing about this job is helping parents get their children a better education. The worst thing about this job is having to sit at a computer all day. Every once in a while she gets to have meetings with her clients. I do not think that i would like to have this job as my career. Haley Massung
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