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Encounters, Experiences & meetings

AS Photography Unit 2 2012

gareth courage

on 22 June 2012

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Transcript of Encounters, Experiences & meetings

Encounters, experiences & meetings an encounter is a meeting, especially one that happens by chance... or is the process of getting knowledge or skill from doing,
seeing or feeling things... Experience is something that happens to you that affects how you feel... Dorathea Lange - Migrant Mother (1936) Lewis Hine - Powerhouse Mechanic (1920) a meeting is an occasion when people come together intentionally or not intentionally Guardian Newspaper advert (1986) Robert Capa - D Day (1944) From No System - Vinca Petersen - 1999 Elliott Erwitt - A black man drinks at segregated water fountains - 1950 Lee Friedlander - New York (revolving door) -1963 Wolfgang Tillmanns - Markt - 1989 Still image from Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind - Micheal Gondry (dir) -2004 Encounters,
experiences &
meetings All these examples use the human figure to
expore the theme...
what if we used a abstract visual method? ? Aaron Siskind - Bahia 170 - 1964 Rosalie Gascoigne - 0071 - 1992 David Carson - from TREK - 2000 Louise Kelly - The Middle Of Nowhere (CD artwork) -1999 Simona Dellagli - I dont either (CD artwork) - 2000 David Carson - from TREK - 2000 Some words and phrases to consider... Juxtaposition "to put things which are not similar next to each other" Some artists in context Martin Parr John Stezaker Artist interveiws via YouTube Martin Parr interveiw on Youtube John Stezaker interveiw on Youtube Martin Parr is a British documentary photographer, photojournalist and photobook collector. He is known for his photographic projects that take a critical look at aspects of modern life, in particular provincial and suburban life in England. He is a member of Magnum Photos. Key themes in his work are
The British people
The everyday and mundane
Humour Key styles include
High saturation colour
Macro/close up
Simple BUT very clever composition How does Martin Parr use the idea of "Encounters, Experiences and Meetings" in his work ? John Stezaker is a British conceptual artists who uses "found" photographs as source material.

His work is surreal in tone and is often made using collage and the appropriation of pre-existing images such as postcards, film stills, and publicity photographs. How does John Stezaker use the idea of "Encounters, Experiences and Meetings" in his work... ? What ideas are both the artists interested in? ? Key themes in his work are
Things "out of place"
Postcards "Same but different"
Juxtaposition "agreement or in one mind about something" "the state of not agreeing or sharing opinions" "looking or being almost, but not exactly, the same" "having the same colour or pattern as something else" "to put things which are not similar next to each other" Using these ideas we will now
complete a practical task
based upon these ideas and
the theme. "the way that people or things are arranged in a painting or photograph" "Experiences of the everyday" 'Meetings of patterns and texture' "encounters while travelling" "Experience - a day in the life..." AS Photography Unit 2 - Todays lesson... See how the theme can relate to the work of others using "dictionary definitions"
Look at the work of some artists, designers and photographers and be inspired by their ideas.
Develop a series of images to be used as a visual starting point to the unit using secondary and primary sources "the way that people or things are arranged in a painting or photograph"
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