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Instructional Technology Outreach

No description

Christine Jones

on 9 October 2013

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Transcript of Instructional Technology Outreach

ITO Implementation Plan for DSP
Establish Regional Leads
Assign three (3) ITO staff and two (2) Tech Services staff to field offices located in sub-regions.
Assist RtSA Schools
Develop a website that will house teacher created lessons and promote Professional Online Communities
Consult regularly with Curriculum Coaches to develop CCSS and PBL content
Train staff in PBL techniques through T2C2 Leadership training
All Camps and Halls
Train staff in PBL techniques through T2C2 Leadership training
Participate in monthly principals' meetings
Update current "whitelist" for students
Offer continued general workshops and trainings at LACOE and in Newhall North County Lab
Offer on-site trainings to staff on PLC days and when scheduled with principals
All Camps and Halls
Coordinate training and services with MMS and eLibrary Services
Assist school leadership in building a Site Technology Plan
Examine current Acceptable Use Policies for staff and students
Identify and train Site Technology Leaders
Continue to offer Virtual Field Trips
Develop a week-long summer (residential) training program based on PBL and Technology
Main goals to accomplish
in 2013 - 2014
(in accordance with Board approved Ed Programs Technology Use Plan)
Regional Map
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