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Storytelling in Nursing

No description

Agata Pawlowski

on 22 February 2014

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Transcript of Storytelling in Nursing

What's the Story
Morning Glory?
- Storytelling in Nursing -

Ruzan Bakri Hamad, Agata Pawlowski, Caitlin Ryan, and Erica Stacey
BScN Candidates 2015

Recap: what is storytelling?
Functions of storytelling & use in healthcare
Nursing practice considerations
Class exercise
Tool to use in practice
Storytelling beyond nurse-client relationship
Storytelling and nursing theory
Take home messages
Group Process
Presentation Outline
Storytelling is the conveying of events in words, images and sounds
It gives shape to life experience
A crucial element of storytelling is the narrative point of view
The events are ordered to illuminate certain themes
It is not a simple chronology
(Gaydos, 2005)
What is Storytelling?
- Practice Tool -
A Reminder: Don't forget about utilizing storytelling in your nursing practice
Patient-Student / Patient-Nurse

Storytelling Relationships
in Nursing
Storytelling and
Nursing Theory
Functional Similarity
Group Purpose
Group Norm
Group Role Functions
Effective Group

Group Process
Feb. 10, 2014
Functions of Storytelling
Functions of Storytelling
Storytelling in Nursing Education
Engaging, easier to remember
Often the “sense making” of the lesson
Promotes a non-judgmental environment and increases participation
Develops trust and respect
Strengthens skills such as: identifying key concepts, summarizing, communicating and listening
(Haigh & Hardy, 2011)

Storytelling in Nursing Education
Promotes reflection and critical thinking
Allows insight into storyteller’s reality
Develop empathy and understanding
Encourages use of imagination
Arguably, the “essence” of competent clinical decision making
Develops skills to accept multiple and contradictory points of view
(Haigh & Hardy, 2011)

Time constraints
Boundary crossing
Challenging patients
Communication skills:
starting the dialogue, approachability, active listening, open mindedness
Storytelling as a nursing intervention, as opposed to counseling or psychiatry
Communication of life stories with the rest of the healthcare team
Diversity of interpretation

Nursing Practice Considerations
Nursing Practice Considerations
Nursing History
Class Exercise
Everyone got a piece of paper.
Task: Draw an object that represents a significant memory/event in your life.

Discussion: In pairs, exchange and interpret each other's drawings.

shhhhhh ... don't discuss what you're drawing, please work in silence!
Meet Patient X of Rm 14
Meet Cancer Patient Patrick of Rm 14
Meet Patrick of Rm 14, who happens to have cancer
Arnold, E. C. & Boggs, K. U. (2007). Interpersonal relationships: Professional communication skills for nurses.
St Louis, Missouri. Saunders. 264-271.

Banks-Wallace, J. (1998). Emancipatory potential of storytelling in a group. Journal of
Nursing Scholarship, 30(1), 17-21.

Gaydos, H. (2005). Understanding personal narratives: an approach to practice. Journal Of Advanced
Nursing, 49(3), 254-259. doi:10.1111/j.1365-2648.2004.03284.x

Gidman, J. (2013). Listening to stories: Valuing knowledge from patient experience. Nurse Education
In Practice, 13(3), 192-196. doi:10.1016/j.nepr.2012.09.006

Haigh, C., & Hardy, P. (2011). Tell me a story- a conceptual exploration of storytelling in healthcare education. Nurse Education Today,
31(4), 408-411. doi:10.1016/jnedt.2010.08.001

Perry, B. (2005). Core nursing values brought to life through stories. Nursing Standard, 20(7), 41-48.

(Banks-Wallace, 1998)
(Banks-Wallace, 1998)
Storytelling goes beyond the patient-nurse therapeutic relationship
Engaging in storytelling in healthcare can be difficult and sometimes overlooked
Storytelling is a dynamic process
Choose what resonates with you when engaging in storytelling in practice
Take Home Messages

Help to understand an alternative perspective on care
Allow for a more positive care giving experience
Provides holistic understanding of lived experience
Storytelling in Healthcare
(Arnold & Boggs, 2007)
Storytelling in the eyes of Orlando, Peplau, and Watson
(Gidman, 2013; Perry, 2005)
Understanding patients through storytelling allows:
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