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Bats: Informative Speech

No description

Alicia Davis

on 22 October 2012

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Transcript of Bats: Informative Speech

Clarifying myths, why bats are important to us and why their decline matters Why is it
important? If you like clothes or fruit then
bats are important to you San Antonio Zoo internship We will discuss: Top 3 most common myths
about bats

Top 2 most important reasons bats
affect you

Number 1 reason bats are
in decline Myth #1- Most
bats carry rabies Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Calgary less 1% of bats have rabies WHO 55,000 people die each year from rabies, usually with a dog, CDC 1 to 2 cases in U.S. in a year. BCI reports Austin has 1.5 million bats, no incident of rabies caused by a bat Myth #2 Bats are
blind Zoology Department of Goteburg University, vision compliments echolocation Ultraviolet cones in their eyes that aid them at twilight and in seeing plants Working with bats that do not use echolocation Myth #3- Most bats drink blood 3/1200 species are vampire bats Drink the blood of livestock and poultry at night Saliva has an anticoagulant used to treat heart attack and stroke victims
Reason #1 Why bats affect you- Pollinators Merlin Tuttle- 248 species of plants rely on 1 species of bat for pollination
If you eat bananas, avocados, dates, figs, peaches, or cashews, bats aid in pollination
Reason #2 Why bats affect you- Pest Control Save Texas cotton farms $740,000 annually in pesticides = 153 NS students tuition at UT
Save U.S. farmers 3.7 billion dollars = 1.5 UT operating budget
#1 Reason bats are in decline- White nose syndrome What is it? A fungus that grows on the faces and wings of bats
Irritates bats and causes them to wake up early from hibernation
Bats die of starvation or freeze
Why will it affect you? 80% decline in bats from White nose syndromeAll bats affected so far are insect eatersLess bats= more bugs= less crops
Food will be more expensive
Bats are misunderstood, important to what we eat and use, their decline will affect us
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