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Mid Year PDP:

No description

Sarah Robinette

on 28 January 2016

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Transcript of Mid Year PDP:

Plans for 2016-2017
Strategies to Keep Students Growing
- Differentiated homework based around student needs in the classroom

- Math stations where the advanced students will take the skill learned to the next level by applying second grade standards

Biggest Accomplishment
- Growing Khaleil from reading on a level RB to a level E by MOY

- Building Quenira's confidence in herself as learner and watching her turn her negative attitude towards learning into one where she can achieve anything she sets her mind to

- Helping Tavis transition his behavior towards making good decisions
- I do not have any students reading on grade level MOY however I have 6 students reading on a level E.

- 75% of my class is performing on or above grade level in math (3 students need support to meet grade level expectations and 1 student is below grade level expectations with support)
PLC Reflection
I would rate our PLC's a 3 overall
Academically Gifted Students
In monitoring student growth, I have three students in my class whom I believe are acadmically gifted students.

1. Malia Ingram

2. Rodney Williams Jr.

3. Tavis James
Mid-Year PDP:
Sarah Robinette

Thank you!
I am planning on returning to Frazier next year! :)
PDP Updates and Progress
Lesson Planning Reflection
Classroom Demographics
- 4 ESL Students
- 1 Resource and Speech Student

- 7 African American Males
- 4 African American Females
- 1 Asian/Pacific Islander
- 3 Hispanic
- 1 Caucasian

Continued Motivation

- Choosing exciting and engaging texts for Guided Reading and TDR

- Math competitions among classmates to practice skills with students

- Introduce a poem of the week during Guided Reading to build reading fluency skills

- More incorporation of technology and access to the iPads and iTouches

We plan as a team and everyone contributes as we all have different aspects and strengths that we bring to the table. I do wish we had more time to plan.
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