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Coaching and Mentoring

No description

Abi Saunders

on 29 December 2013

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Transcript of Coaching and Mentoring

Main Idea
Coaching and Mentoring
Coaching and mentoring in school
Coaching and mentoring in another school
I wonder if there is a difference between coaching and mentoring?
This coaching method has now been used across a whole alliance!
I wonder if there is a difference between coaching and mentoring?
Anna and Charlotte
Redbridge Primary!
My memories
I went to Redbridge to coach a year 5 teacher.
Brief was to coach in AfL, SC and pupil assessment.
Coaching to me meant parrot on the shoulder.
To the deputy head it meant a more formal way of coaching.
I hadn't realised there was a different way!
I thought that coaching and mentoring were twp totally different things. Mentoring to me was modelling and teaching someone your way of doing something where as coachig was questioning and supporting the person to reach an answer that supports them. However, they seem to overlap .

4 years ago there was no coaching programme in place in St Mary's. Then it joined with Portswood Primary and director of teaching and learning Dr Keith Watson worked on embedding a coaching programme that would raise standards significantly within the school. This consisted of a 'parrot on the shoulder' style. This involved professional coaches working with teachers in the classroom developing the lesson as it is being taught.
I would love to chat to teachers at St Mary's
to see how they feel about the parrot on the shoulder
style of coaching.
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