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No description

Sandra Dejesus

on 9 May 2011

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Transcript of Copy of CROOKED RIVER

In this story there are two perspectives and they are Rebecca Carver (a white settler) and Indian John (a native american).As the book goes on Rebecca's perspective starts to change by, at the beggining Rebecca goes against Indian John and at the end she feels sorry for him and wants to help. The main characters of this story are Rebecca, Laura, Pa, Peter Kelly Amos, Indian John (Amik) This is the Cuyahoga River near Cleveland, Ohio also known as the crooked river CROOKED RIVER BY: SHELLEY PEARSALL Some themes for Crooked River are violence and don't judge people on the ''outside'',and friendships Character Traits Pa=careless Laura=doubtful Rebecca=sincere Amik=shy The time in the book greatly influnences the plot by being set in the past in 1812.For example,in the past indians and settlers didn't like each other.The Carvers settlement is located near the crooked river. Rebecca write her thoughts and feelings in regular text form.Amik writes his thoughts and feelings in poemtry form and at the start of each of his poem there's a symbol. Peter Kelly=compassionate Amos=hard-working and playful Point of view Themes Characters Text Setting CREATED BY: ISABELA DEJESUS
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