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english 201

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mohsen soleimaninia

on 10 January 2013

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Transcript of english 201

3: wind energy can affect to the environmental Noise pollution _disadvantage
Many people think wind turbines are a great idea, yet a large proportion of these people would oppose a wind frame development close to their home. This is down to the noise and many people compare the sound output of a wind turbine to a small jet engine.
The impact of noise pollution has the potential to lower property values within a varying radius of the construction. The noise pollution can greatly depend on the average annual wind speed and the size of the blades.
Modern technologies are ever increasing the efficiency of wind turbines, yet they fail to decrease the noise output by significant levels. Noise pollution is said to be one of the biggest disadvantage of a wind turbines. 1: wind turbines have impact on the bird population The large number of birds killed by turbines each year that it is one of the disadvantages of the turbine. For example in East of Oakland California the windy Altamont pass is a popular feeding spot for birds of prey as well as home to 7000 wind turbine. In 1992, a study of bird mortality at the Altamont pass found 182 dead birds over a two-year period. That this statistic compared to birds killed is one percent less than those adventures whose human acts on them for instance putting industrial trash on the river can treat the life of birds and animals on that environmental and it will destroy their generation . Another side effect of wind turbines is that their blades can kill the birds that flying around them, using small blade was solution that used to solve the problem but it decreased the produced energy and decreased the efficiency.
The force of the blades high up in the air may not seem powerful to you, yet they are more than capable of harming wildlife. Also tied in with this matter is the construction of wind turbines. As with much other development, wind turbines need deep foundations and this has the potential to destroy underground habitats, and disturb surrounding ones. 2: A negative effect on area surface temperature `In a new study, that shows for the first time that wind farms are already pushing up temperatures, scientists have revealed that this new technology can cause climate change. Usually at night the air closer to the ground becomes colder when the sun goes down and the earth ```cools, but on huge wind farms the motion of the turbines mixes the air higher in the atmosphere that is warmer, pushing up the overall temperature, for example :
Satellite data over a large area in Texas, which is now covered by four of the world’s largest wind farms, found that over a decade the local temperature went up by almost 1C as more turbines are built
Wind turbine could warm local climates up to ten times faster than the natural rate, a study has shown .Air temperature around four of the world’s largest wind farms have increased by up to 0.72 in a decade, researchers have found.
The temperature change could be due to the effect of the energy expelled by frames are the movement and turbulence generated by turbine rotors.
`` Conclusion: wind energy wind energy introduction Wind energy is the conversion of the kinetic energy of the wind by the use of wind of turbines, into mechanical energy which is then converted in to electricity. Wind energy is usually produced by wind frames. A wind frame is the large collection of co-located wind turbines covering an area of several square kilometers. Wind turbines sit on top of towers at around 80-100 m high in order to take advantage of the higher and more constant wind speed usually found at higher altitudes.
This report will be about wind energy. Its purpose is to the basic information about wind turbine and the effects of wind energy on the environmental as well as how wind energy can help in the reduction of air pollution.
A three part of this report discusses (1) wind energy can affect to give the environmental, (2)how wind turbines have impact on the bird population, (3) a negative effect on area surface temperature. In all part we have some example for show, why wind energy in very important and useful. The other solution is build the wind turbine on the high elevation but for doing it we need to design two extra piers next to the main pier that it will increase the cost of project, so it is not a useful solution (A): near –surface, air- temperature patterns at the san gorgonio wind frame during the field campaign.
(B):vertical profiles of air temperature at Edwards air force base during June-August 1989. Observed temperature in and near the san gorgonio wind frame . Advantage :
Reduced carbon dioxide (co2) emissions
Some scientist believes that global warming is caused by the greenhouse effect. Greenhouse gases like co2 are produced naturally in our environment through volcanic activity and organic matter decomposition using wind to generate electricity reduces co2 emissions, the MGE
Wind frame prevents the annual production of 18880 tons of co2, trees and plants naturally absorb co2 .it would take a 3776 acre forest to remove as much co2 our wind farm prevents.

The following chart shows other energy conservation actions you can take and their estimated annual CO2 savings.

Conservation Action CO2 saved
Replace an old refrigerator with
a high efficiency one................................2,400
Replace an old car with an efficient
new one (for every 10 mpg better
gas mileage) ..................................................2,000
Insulate walls and ceiling......................1,600
Purchase one block of
wind power ....................................................1,344
Wrap a water heater in an
insulating blanket..........................................800
Turn down water heater thermostat
10 degrees ..........................................................400
Turn down a furnace thermostat
2 degrees.............................................................400
Replace one frequently used bulb
with a compact fluorescent.....................400
Install a low-flow shower head..............240 In this picture you can see the volume of some machine, and compare the sound of these machines with wind turbine . Wind turbine, when came to the industry all people thought it is a very good and usfull and also economy energy but when they could understand this energy same as another energy’s has negative effect like environmental , area surface temperature, and the bird population and ….
For solve all problems of wind turbine scientists every day try to find a good way and they said at the future they can solve the problems of wind turbine and human can use this green energy ,but wind turbine in this time with all problems is a very good energy for help to the air pollution and also save the fossil fuel .
References: Acker, T. 2007. Arizona Public Service Wind Integration Cost Impact Study. Prepared for Arizona Public Service Company. Flagstaff, Arizona: Northern Arizona University.
Acker, T. 2007. Arizona Public Service Wind Integration Cost Impact Study. Prepared for Arizona Public Service Company. Flagstaff, Arizona: Northern Arizona University.
California Independent System Operator (CAISO). 2012a. Flexible Ramping Products Draft Final Proposal. Folsom, CA: California Independent System Operator. mohsen soleimaninia

student number :117370

english 201
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