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gray wolf

No description

Tara Henderson

on 30 January 2018

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Transcript of gray wolf

Gray Wolves
Hi, my name is Chris, I am a boy who likes wolves, dogs, sharks and a lot of other things.But the main animal I will be telling you guys is a gray wolf.I find the Gray Wolf is very interesting because of how cool they are I'm not going to tell you now you will hear it in the in the presentation
What Do Gray Wolves Eat?
Gray Wolves Eat elk, bison caribou, mountain goats, deer, moose, Dall sheep, musk oxen and other medium sized mammals.
The Gray wolf can live in Canada, México, U.S.A, Asia, North America,and Europe.Most wolves live together in packs. The alpha male is the leader of the pack.In the pack they all hunt together.
Gray Wolves
The Gray Wolf is very intelligent, and has a very strong sense of smell.Wolves get killed for killing other predators because the other predator wants to get revenge.
Here's a picture of a Gray Wolf growling at another animal.You can see how it looks, like how his ears are going down and showing its teeth to its prey.
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